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About Austin Food Trucks

This spunky Texas capital continually attracts a historic influx of incomers with its many amazing attributes, among which are the live music scene, the fun and youthful energy that UT students bring, the naturally beautiful scenery, and of course the fact that this city has successfully been kept “weird”. But you can’t sufficiently enjoy any of this without being properly satiated, so it’s great that the food culture here is absolutely thriving, and for this, we really have food trailers to thank.

A few years ago, an airstream trailer labeled "Hey Cupcake" majestically appeared right on South Congress, and with its sleek appearance and mouthwatering fragrance of fresh-baked gourmet cupcakes, it immediately drew passers-by who had worked up quite an appetite shopping around the famously funky strip.

Meanwhile, at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, a chef from the local high-end eatery, Hudson on the Bend, took their signature Hot ‘n Crunchy Fried Chicken topped with mango-jalapeno slaw and ancho sauce, and ingeniously plopped it all in a paper cone cup so that patrons could enjoy this tasty treat while wandering from stage to stage, enjoying all the tunes without the hindrance of carrying plates. These heavenly handheld cones became such a huge hit, "The Mighty Cone" soon appeared right next to Hey Cupcake as another of the first food trailer fixtures. Thus an exciting new food trend began, and one by one, more trailers appeared with delicious, inexpensive, and creative selections, and they all quickly gained bountiful foodie fans.

Now, in addition to allowing these trucks to roam the streets, Austin accommodates the food trailer scene by allotting places for them to stick around and sell. At The Picnic, which is not too far from where the horns are hooking ‘em, you can find several local chefs cookin’ up all sorts of fantastically flavorful food, with offerings that include authentically smokey, juicy BBQ, delectable gourmet doughnuts, tantalizing asian fusion tacos, and everything in between.

Check out the map above so that you can get matched with an awesome Austin truck, and soon you’ll be greeted by a warm “Howdy!” alongside a ridiculously delicious meal.