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City: Fort Lauderdale

Welcome to the Big Kahuna, the coolest ice cream truck of all time. We are south Florida's premiere ice cream truck. The provides shaved ice (snow cones) soft serve ice cream or yogurt, and 30 plus novelty ice cream bars/products.

My wife and I have established this business in 2009 just to supplement our income when the economy began to take a turn for the worst. Being a real estate investor, I had to figure out something else to do. Since then, we have EXPLODED into something we never expected and is now my full time business. I have been in the restaurant/catering business also for over 20+ years and she is a top Mac make-up artist in south Florida with a back ground as a high end pastry chef. Together, we have put together 1 of the best ideas for an ice cream truck of all time. We specialize in children's birthday parties and school functions of all kinds. We also do any other kind of party you may think of. Grand openings, back yard bbq, fundraiser's, fairs, carnivals, you name it.

We book up EXTREMELY FAST, so call for our surprisingly low pricing that will fit any budget. You will be a hit at any gathering, to any event we show up for. Especially the kids parties or school functions. The look on the kids faces when they have there very own ice cream truck show up for there party, is priceless. Depending on the amount of people, we give you 60-90 minutes (very flexible) of some of the best frozen treats you could imagine.

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