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Chicago Food Truck Extravaganza

Some of Chicago’s best trucks gathered last weekend for a Food Truck Extravaganza to serve up grilled cheese sandwiches, empanadas, pierogis, cupcakes and so much more.

Bacon & Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Bacon & Brie: A Match Made in Heaven

April is National Grilled Cheese Month, so it’s only right that we provide you with recipe that combines “The Queen of Cheeses” and the item that all foodies adore.

Bruch Boy's Truck - Chicken and Waffle Sandwich

A Little Something In Between

Brunch – a time for the not so early risers & those whose stomachs can’t quite wait until lunchtime comes around. These trucks will provide you with a little something for in between.

Foodies Take on Coachella

The biggest music festival of the year has done it once again with an a-list food line up that welcomes both newbies & seasoned vets to dish out their best goods.

wine grapes

Consumer Wine Awards

This Saturday marks the 2015 Consumer Wine Awards, a day full of wine evaluations and food pairings, all geared towards the wino and foodie in all of us.

Bacon Bacon - Deconstructed Corn Dog

You Had Me at Bacon

Bacon Bacon Truck in San Francisco is dishing out any & everything pork related, with bacon acting as both the main attraction & the co-star in their menu items.

Fat Shallot BLT Sandwich

The Fat Shallot

The Fat Shallot, comprised of power couple Sam and Sarah, has returned to Chicago with its gourmet sandwiches and plans of expansion on the horizon.