About Boka Truck

Asian-Mexican-American Fusion street food

Boka Takos are made using the innovative fusion of global cuisines served in the familiar format of corn and flour tortillas. American and Asian flavors mingle together and explode to create extraordinary flavors, served on a taco. Hence our vocabulary introduction of the newly dubbed noun/verb/adjective “Tako”

Takos… with a twist. (n.)
Tako your Mouf. (v.)
Yum, That’s Tako tasty. (adj.)

The goal is simple. We are committed to making great food for you…From a Truck. And we will do it in weird places, maybe at weird times of the day, like the morning or even weirder times like the evening, or dusk. That’s why we work from a truck. It has wheels, which helps the kitchen get from place to place.

We are Chefs… serious chefs…. that believe in food with attitude, and flavor, and we will stop at providing nothing less.

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