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About Dosa Truck

DOSAtruck is servin up South Indian Street Food with a California Twist. Take a crispy sourdough crepe made from rice and lentil flour... stuff it with regional and gourmet ingredients and roll it long and thin and you've got a DOSA.

OMG -- it's ommm good!

About DOSATruck Creator/Chef/Owner Leena Deneroff

Street Food is in Brooklyn-born Leena Deneroff's blood. Growing up eating off old-school food trucks like Mister Softee and the Chow Chow Cup (they served chow mein in an edible cup), Leena's combined this on-the-go concept with her love of South Indian cuisine -- and taken it to the ravenous roads of L.A. DOSATruck food truckis serving up delish DOSAS at Ommm good prices.

Mumbai is yumbai!

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