About Hungry Nomad

After 50 years of bringing fresh cuisine to the people through our bakeries, we've decided to take it to the streets.

Hungry Nomad is a mobile spin off of Sasoun Bakery, a family owned and operated Armenian/Lebanese bakery with 8 locations - six in the LA area and two in Lebanon. We have taken our most popular family recipes and given them an edgy and innovative twist for the road. 

Many ask, why Hungry Nomad? Our truck is a traveling nomad without a permanent home, migrating from one location to another with a primary focus of feeding the people. Our truck is also a representation of us and our people. Hundreds of thousands of Armenians have left their homeland and spread throughout the world, picking up hints from each country they settled in. Our original cuisine is the product of a mix of cultures and flavors that tells the story of our people.

Hungry Nomad Photos

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