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About Los Angeles Food Trucks

Gourmet food trucks are a Los Angeles institution. Over 200 gourmet mobile food vendors roam the streets serving up everything from Korean BBQ to Sweet Treats to Grilled Cheese. The food truck that is most widely credited with reinstating the catering truck as a part of modern culture, Kogi BBQ Truck, has become a traveling landmark that serves Korean-Mexican fusion. In LA, you can satisfy your seafood cravings at The Kraken Mobile Cuisine, chow down on delicious French sandwiches from Monsieur Madame, all in the same day If you need to satisfy that sweet tooth head over to dessert trucks like the Sweets Truck, a mobile bakeshop and gourmet coffeehouse famous for cake pops and cookies, or grab an architecture inspired ice cream sandwich at Coolhaus. Some food trucks, like the Border Grill, are the offspring of well-known restaurants or chefs while others are a local chef’s first shot at LA stardom. The food carts and food trucks typically pull into parking lots with multiple food vendors or right up to the sidewalk where crowds of Angelenos pour out of their offices, studio lots and nightclubs to order a small feast. From east side to the west side, if you’re not sure where to find all of your favorite street food check out the live food truck map above to get started on your next mobile meal.