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That's what we do. Bacon in the morning, bacon in the evening, bacon late at night. We put a modern spin on a couple classics and offer several of the things you'd probably end up doing yourselves after a long night of drinking with your friends in a scantily clad kitchen - which is where we operate. Located on Austin's notorious East Sixth Street, the Scourge of the Trailer Trend is a garishly decorated 1969 Lowliner Aristocrat. Is it kitch or is it camp? It's definately a fifth wheel, but there's nothing uncomfortable about our food! Try our famous Sausge Mac 'n Cheese, scrumptious BLT - the Union Jack, Pulled Pork Tacos and the always popular Bacon Wrapped Pickles to name a few. While you're here take in the sights and sounds of rambunctiousness emitting from the trailer on our video screen and stereo while enjoying a cold one or six in the East Side Drive In food court. Have some food, have some fun: that's what we at PiG ViCiOUS are here for! Oi Oi OiNK!

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