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About San Francisco Food Trucks

If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair...and check out the fantastic food trucks everywhere...

The City by the Bay is absolutely bursting with food trucks. They're zigzagging all through the steep streets offering a variety of cuisines as expansive as the most gigantic redwood trees. In fact, the fusion of various foods from across the world is a particularly popular (and tasty!) trend among these trucks today.

Take Curry Up Now, for example. What began as the Bay Area’s first Indian food truck, is now wildly craved among all of Northern California, with 5 trucks roaming through and wowing everyone with its incredibly tasty fusion of Indian, Mexican, Italian, and American cuisine, like the Punjabi Burrito, the Beef Keema Burgers, the Fried Ravioli with Tikka Masala Dip, and so much more.

Then there’s Jeepsilog with their beautiful variety of dishes with Asian, Filipino, and Mexican influences, like their signature Jeepsiroll Taco with marinated beef, sautéed veggies, garlic fried rice, a drizzle with their homemade garlic sauce, and wrapped in warm tortilla.

With over a hundred crazy-tasty options like these, of course everyone in San Francisco, from The Mission to The Financial District, just loves this thriving truck scene. It certainly brings together the community with its casual street vibes and cuisine of quality that’s consistent with San Francisco’s iconic foodie reputation.

Oh, and the trucks are loving their hungry customers right back. It’s especially apparent when they unfailingly show up to serve, no matter how infamously unpredictable the weather.

You too can share in the love for San Francisco street fare when you check out the map above and set yourself up with your next famously tasty meal.