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About Sugar Lips Mini Donuts

The Sugar Lips Mini Donuts Truck makes hot fresh mini donuts made right before your eyes. With cinnamon and sugar or powdered sugar makes them so yummy for your tummy.

Sugar Lips ~ Denver began its sugary crusade in 2009. Our strong desire to become a part of the farmer's market community lead us to donuts! With the addition of shave ice in 2010, Sugar Lips continues to grow and expand.

We believe in buying local, selling local, and take pride in being a part of the Denver street eats society. We proudly use compostable and recyclable products wherever possible. We cook our donuts in soy bean oil, then donate the used oil to Denver Bio Diesel. They in turn use the oil to fuel their vehicles...pretty cool, right?

We've met some wonderful people through our involvement in the farmer's markets. We appreciate them and support them, and hope you will too!

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