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The Lobos Truck's motto is "Comfort food with a conscience."

Sustainable, free range and organic, local. Four words that impact our society to the core. We believe that the lighter our carbon footprint the better our world. We also believe that the love and care put into food develops more flavor and the good energy is felt by the body.

We are taking farm to table to a whole new level with our "healthy junk food" or "comfort food with conscience". We are serving up Kobe beef burgers made with Tillimook white cheddar on locally made fresh brioche and in house made garlic aioli. We are using free range chicken wings and drums for our diablo & angel wings. Our Ribs come from happy pigs and 90% of our food is organic. It's all the flavor and half the guilt. Because at least you know you are supporting sustainable, free range, organic & local.

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 - Lobos Burger - Lobos Pulled Pork Burger - Lobos classic mac n' cheese - A Lobos original creation - the wachos!
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