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About Trailer Park Truck

Trailer Park Truck is about great food and good times.

It is the vision of Dave Miller, who spent his youth touring the world in a punk rock band, then working in the NYC music industry and party scene before finally settling in Santa Monica where he saw the need for a new kind of food truck experience.

Miller teamed up with some of the most talented chefs in LA to develop a menu of amazing “gourmet American comfort food with a twist”. But he soon realized that it’s about more than just amazing food (you can get that on any street corner in Los Angeles) -- Trailer Park Truck is a 24-hour traveling food party! Whether you're watching Beavis and Butthead or Dukes of Hazard while waiting to place your order or munching on the some of the best street food in LA while sitting on lawn chairs next to pink flamingos listening to 80’s hair bands, you’ll always leave Trailer Park Truck saying, “Damn, that was fun! And dang tasty too!” And that's why we do it—for the love of great food and good fun!

Welcome to the party…Trailer Park Truck has arrived.

Menu Items

Mackin' Cheeseburger

Specially seasoned ground beef, American cheese, fried onions strings, baby arugula and housemade SECRET SAUCE topped with gooey mac n’ cheese and buttery breadcrumbs

Blue Ribbon Frito Pie

Fritos smothered in housemade cheese sauce, seasoned ground beef, applewood smoked bacon crumbles, fried onions strings, and housemade SECRET SAUCE – served in the bag!

Shotgun Shells n’ Cheese

Gooey three-cheese mac n’ cheese topped with buttery breadcrumbs


Specially seasoned 100% Angus beef with American cheese, fried onion strings, baby arugula and housemade SECRET SAUCE


Gooey mac n' cheese with applewood smoked bacon stuffed between two pieces of grilled white bread

Kickin' Grilled Chicken Salad

Specially seasoned grilled chicken, sliced red onion and housemade crispy croutons, all tossed in a housemade kickin' honey mustard sauce - Go HARDCORE to get it with fried chicken!

Freedom Fries

Large Portion of Salted Shoe String Fries!

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