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Wafel and Dinges is a must on every foodie's bucket list. They sell authentic Belgian, Brussels and Liege waffles all with a variety of textures and consistencies. To compliment the warm decadent waffles the provide a wide range of "dinges" or toppings from belgium chocolate syrup to bananas and whipped cream! If sweets aren't your style their menu offers great savory options as well!

To get some insight into how this truck came to be, and the proper pronounciation of "Dinges," check out the Roaming Hunger blog post here: http://roaminghunger.com/blog/4331/featured-food-truck-wafel-dinges

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De Wafel Cart - 4 Cartz waiting for you all over NYC!Wafel Boxes - Smartest, funkiest packaging! Bring the sleeve back for 1 free dinges on your wafel!
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