Four Unique Ideas For A Killer Halloween Party

Halloween is days away and the countdown to the best parties and events has begun. If you’re planning to have a party to celebrate this favorite holiday, but not sure how to make your party stand out, fear not! We have a few tricks up our sleeve for you to trick (or treat) guests of any age. Trust us, including a few of these ideas as part of your party, people will be talking about your party for days afterward.

Old School Gut Grossness

If you’re into grossing people out and having a party where children are invited, here’s an oldie but goodie. Peel a dozen grapes, cook a dozen pieces of spaghetti, place them in separate Tupperware, surround them with a large plastic bag labeled EYEBALLS and BRAINS, and sit back and watch! The kids will undoubtedly squeal with delight as they reach into each unidentifiable bag to feel these life-like eyes and skull innards. After the initial shock wears off, they’ll also get a kick out of what REALLY was in the bags.

BONUS IDEA: Have kids close their eyes and guess what they are hearing while someone bites into a head of iceberg lettuce and celery sticks. Creative minds will go crazy imagining what it really is – bones, more brains, or something else?

Halloween trick in a jar
Use your imagination! – photo via My Organized Chaos

Spice Up Your Alcohol

Want to make a delicious alcoholic beverage into an arts and crafts activity for adults? Look no further than cloves. Cloves smell delicious, are inexpensive when bought in bulk, and easy to find in the spice aisle where you can also find peppercorns and chili flakes! Make designs with cloves in oranges, lemons, any citrus with a hard rind. Slice those lemons or oranges decorated in delicious cloves, and drop into your hot toddy, which is already warming on the stove, making your house smell amazing.

Note: A hot toddy is made with boiling water, lemon, lime, or orange juice (squeeze with cloves is just fine), honey or agave, and bourbon or whiskey. It can be made on the stove, or in the microwave. Pour it over the alcohol in a mug. Cinnamon sticks delicious addition.

Halloween Cider
Break Out Those Cinnamon Sticks – photo via The Blond Cook

Bobbing for Apples (Without all the Germs!)

When I think fall, I think pumpkin spice and flu shots. Keep those germs at bay by switching from the classic bobbing for apples in a communal bucket to a more flu-friendly (or is it anti-flu friendly?) option with donuts or apple slices dipped in caramel on a string. Line the kids (and adults!) up below a deck or sturdy tree to race to nibble on these delicious treats, where really everyone is a winner!

Apple bobbing
How cute are those goulashes – photo via Pinterest

Trick-or-Treating for Adults

At some point in the rule-book of life, trick-or-treating post-high school became a taboo of sorts. Not exactly fair, because despite the fact that we all grow up, why should adults have to give up trick-o-treating – one of the best things about Halloween? Put a spin on this beloved activity by getting a few of your favorite neighbors involved in dishing out the goods. Give them the heads up that you’ll be trick-or-treating with a group of adults and to have the candy ready. Chatting with neighbors beforehand gives them a little bit of a warning and could possibly give them time to purchase “adult-friendly” candy. Trick-or-treating gives adults an opportunity to remember the days and provides another reason for your friends to really appreciate the holiday.

Bottom line? Keep the party focused with a few budget and creative ideas. Keep in mind the various ages that might be attending, and have fun with keeping it scary but light-hearted at the same time!

– Guest Contributor, CR