Unique Ways to Transform Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

If your Thanksgiving is anything like mine, it’s a race to see who can eat more with no end in sight. Because the leftovers simply do. not. stop. It still amazes me that so much food can be made in such a short period of time, but no complaints over here, I love stretching out the leftovers to cover days or weeks of meals if frozen properly. If Thanksgiving is about thankfulness, Thanksgiving leftovers are about stretching that feeling until the last corner of those Tupperware containers is cleaned out.

Stock Up

Don’t toss out the turkey neck, drumsticks, breast bone, or any of the other turkey bones for that matter, because you’d be missing out on some easy to make, delicious stock to use in the future for soups and sauces! While buying all the ingredients on your Thanksgiving dinner list, be sure to grab some mirepoix, which is typically sold pre-chopped, but is essentially just an equal dice of carrot, onion, and celery. Take that, water, salt, and bay leaves, which I assume you have on hand,and those are really the only other things you need to add to turkey bones to get that stock up and running. Freeze in dated containers like the ones below or my personal favorite, make ice cubes by pouring the stock into ice cube trays.

turkey stock
Photo Cred: chowhound.com

Turkey Pot Pie Muffin Tops

The crust has FOUR ingredients! I repeat, pot-pie crust has FOUR ingredients! Butter, water, flour and salt. Who doesn’t always have those on hand! Mix and roll (more detailed directions here), spray your muffin tin, and pop in your stuffing and turkey, which you pre-mixed with a little cream of mushroom soup (another staple to always have on hand) And these pantry assumption/essentials may feel out of place, but when cooking with leftovers, you have to work with what you got, because if you go out and buy all new ingredients, it isn’t leftovers anymore!

Mini Turkey Pot Pie
Mini Pot Pie – Photo Cred: pillsbury.com

Stuffing Waffles

I was home sick this week and got to do my favorite thing – watch glorious daytime television. Tori Spelling and her husband Dean were on Access Hollywood, Dean put stuffing and a few eggs in a food processor, and then into a waffle iron, and my life was forever changed. How have I never thought of this before? How have I never been told about this before? These questions remain unanswered but the full recipe and adorable clip of these coming to fruition can be found here. Dean also adds a poached egg on top which sounds delicious but is also an extra step and ingredient so I’ll let you decide which steps are necessary.

stuffing waffles
photo cred: seriouseats.com

Look to the North – Yes, Canada.

Last but not least, it’s time to consider the melding of North American tradition. Which means… it’s Poutine time! After cooking for three days, the last thing you want to do is cook some more, so grab some fries from the freezer, or drive through, or online ordering service of your choice, add some cheese from Thanksgiving appetizer cheese plates, pour on that Turkey Gravy, and have yourself some American style Thanksgiving Poutine!

poutine dog cafe
photo cred: poutinedogcafe.com


– Guest Contributor, CR