A Simple, Cost-Effective – But Fun – Solution for Catering Your Wedding

We’ve all been to weddings where the food wasn’t exactly – let’s just say – memorable. In fact, you may have experienced the rubbery chicken, wilted over drenched salad and the rolls that had the consistency of a hockey puck. Not only was the food mediocre, but there’s a high probability that the food per person was incredibly high. Last year, the average cost of getting a wedding catered was between $51-$73 per person, which is A LOT. And at hotels, the cost per guest can be even pricier than that! If you’re a bride-to-be and you’re searching for ideas to save money on catering costs, but still want your guests to have an amazing food experience, just try a food truck…seriously! Food truck catering is not only a growing popular alternative, but it’s also less expensive and cooler.

Taco Truck Wedding
Taco Truck Wedding – Style Me Pretty

Why a food truck and not traditional catering?

The answer is simple. It’s a one-stop shopping opportunity and comes with the personal touches truck operators are happy to make from personalized menus to creating menu items specifically for the event. In addition, when guests walk up to the truck, they can order a meal to their specifications ensuring they get what they want. Most, if not all, trucks can accommodate to meet the dietary needs per order, making it easier on you to not have to worry about Aunt Edna and her gluten free diet! Also, you’re not limited to one cuisine, you can have more than one truck so guests can savor different flavors of the world.


While there are food trucks that still only offer the traditional walk-up window service, more truck chefs are getting creative by offering interesting and freshly prepared food and providing the traditional service options at a fraction of the price. The savings come from the fact that you get to eliminate costs on kitchen rentals and additional staffing that is normally required when using traditional catering services. That’s good news for the happy couple and probably the parents too. These chefs are also willing to think outside the box, customizing menus and working with clients to create a memorable meal guests will talk about way after the event is over.

wedding ice cream truck

book a food truck on wedding budget

What about dessert and late night snacks?

If you’re willing to move beyond the traditional wedding cake or if you want to have your cake and eat it too, dessert trucks are your best bet to bring a little twist to a timeless moment at a reception. Maybe opt for trucks that focus on mini custom desserts or let you create your own sundae. Who doesn’t love carnival treats?! Funnel cake, fried Twinkies, homemade ice cream sandwiches. Yum!

If you’re not looking for a dessert truck to replace the traditional wedding cake, maybe you’re just looking for a late night snack attack before your guests depart. Tacos, pizza, sliders and fries are always a hit to sober up those who maybe had a little too much fun at the party.

food truck wedding

What about cost?

When breaking down the costs of what you are getting, you’re paying about $20 per person for having a food truck at a wedding for at least five hours (which includes preparation, travel, set-up, service and teardown). With a food truck, you don’t have to worry about rentals for a kitchen, service wares, staffing, clean up, etc., is well worth it. Not only are you getting a killer deal to have a dedicated mobile restaurant drive up, service, pack up and leave, but it’s less stressful, less mess and more cost effective for your budget overall. Also, you don’t have to worry about having your bridesmaids, family member and friends count every last glass and plate the next morning (while hungover probably) so you don’t get struck with a hefty bill, cutting into that honeymoon fund.

To learn more about getting a food truck at your wedding in 2017, be cool and check out the Roaming Hunger site. Wondering where to have your food truck wedding? Check out these LA venues perfect for your big day.