6 Cheese-filled Food Truck Dishes To Drool Over

I try to live a decadent life that’s filled with my two favorite things: adventure and cheese. So it should be of no surprise that this latest post is a combination of both. It’s National Cheese Lover’s Day (although every day should be National Cheese Lover’s Day), and to celebrate, here are six must try cheese dishes from a few food trucks around the country. If you live near one, I suggest you run out to try the original, but they would also be fun (and adventurous) to try to recreate at home!

The Grilled Cheese Truck - Cheesy Mac and Rib Sandwich
The Grilled Cheese Truck – Cheesy Mac and Rib Sandwich

The Grilled Cheese Truck, San Antonio, TX

You can’t have a cheese-filled list without the classic grilled cheese, but we’re putting a twist on this timeless dish. Add mac and cheese with tender rib meat, you’ve got one of our favorite sandwiches from The Grilled Cheese Truck: the Cheesy Mac and Rib Sandwich. It might get a little messy, but we’re pretty sure you won’t mind. This truck was so popular in Los Angeles, it heard its call to service in Phoenix, AZ, Orange County, CA; and now San Antonio, TX).

Cheeseburger Baby Miami – Baby’s Favorite w/ added bacon and chili

Cheeseburger Baby – Miami, FL

This food truck also has a brick and mortar location, in case one or the other is closer to you. For those not local to Miami, Cheeseburger Baby is reminiscent of Fatburger or Five Guys with its build ’em options, but the popular South Beach truck also has an amazing Cheesesteak as an ode to Philly. Meat plus carbs plus a double down on cheese will make any foodie happy and Cheeseburger Baby is no exception.


5411 Empanadas – Chicago, IL

Empanadas are a classic Argentine street food, but this Chicago food truck really mixes it up, playing with flavors apart from the classic meats and cheeses. We had trouble picking just one drool-worthy item on this menu and think it’s a three way tie between the bacon, date and goat cheese empanada; the caramelized onion and parmesan cheese empanada; and the sweet corn, mozzarella, and wait for it… béchamel sauce empanada. We can happily recreate the first two at home but there’s no béchamel sauce like one made by an experienced chef.

Anchor End Pretzel Shoppe – Seasquab Sandwich

Anchor End Pretzel Shoppe – Seattle, WA

What’s great about this food truck is that they have lots of vegetarian and vegan options, so you can have your cheese and your friends who are vegan can have theirs – or lack thereof – by ordering a dish without cheese. These delicious pretzel sandwiches give you a nice break from traditional bread, and our favorite is the Seasquab. Fried egg, Havarti cheese, maple aioli, and a pepper slaw on a French toast-battered sea salt pretzel. Re-read that last sentence and thank the stars that someone thought to put French toast batter on a sea salt pretzel. That’s a real thing!

Crepes a la Cart – Turkey BLT

Crepes a la Cart – New Orleans, LA

Crepes are traditionally thought of as a sweet dish, but we think savory crepes are severely underrated. Crepes themselves add a touch of sweetness to balance the tasty combination of a classic spinach and cheese, or crepe fromage, or our personal favorite from Crepes a la Carte, coincidentally named “The Boss’ Favorite”.  This crepe is chock full of smoked salmon, Swiss, Cheddar, sweet onions, BBQ sauce and hot sauce.

LA Street Kitchen - Lobster Mac n' Cheese
LA Street Kitchen – Lobster Mac n’ Cheese

Street Kitchen LA – Los Angeles, CA

Hailing from Los Angeles at the Street Kitchen LA truck, this lobster mac and cheese is an elevated and sophisticated twist on the classic comfort food.  Now lobster season is year round, peaking typically in spring and winter, and if you try to recreate this dish at home you might have to plan accordingly, but we think it’s definitely worth a shot.

Bon appetit!