5 Super Bowl Dishes That Will Satisfy A Large Party

Everything about the Super Bowl has been determined: the teams, the halftime show performances, the friendly bets, etc. All that’s left is for you to decide what you’re going to make for the Super Bowl party you’re having. Don’t sweat it though! To keep clean up and refilling at a minimum so you can spend more time enjoying the game, commercials, and my personal favorite the – Puppy Bowl – here are five dishes that you can get everyone involved in and will satisfy even the pickiest of couch quarterbacks.

Fruit Skewers -
Game Day Fruit Skewers

Pre-Game: Fruit – The Healthy Appetizer

Slice up chunks of fruit and have any kids that may be guests at your place put the fruit on sticks for fruit shish kabobs. This is great the kids to keep themselves occupied while you get the rest of the house ready. Make a sample fruit shish kebob and have the kids follow suit, alternating cantaloupe, grape, strawberry, and pineapple (or whatever fruits you choose to have). Yes, this is a healthy alternative, but it will keep you going at least through the first quarter and not make put you into a food coma.

Pigs in a blanket
Pigs in a blanket – Add A Pinch

The Huddle: Pigs in a Blanket

Sure you can buy the store bought, frozen version, but the major stand out price performer is assembling these tasty favorites on your own. Buy some Pillsbury® crescent dinner rolls (or the supermarket equivalent), some pre-cooked cocktail wieners, and get started! Throw these pigs in a blanket on a tinfoil-lined cookie sheet for easy baking and clean up, pop in the oven at 375 degrees for 12 minutes and use that time to assemble whatever condiments you have in your fridge into dipping bowls: ketchup, ranch, various mustards, artichoke dip – the sky’s the limit. TIP: if you want these piggies to really glisten with that golden brown color – which is also achievable by stalking the stove while they cook and taking them right over the edge of doneness – beat an egg, and brush the egg wash over the dough before cooking. One package of rolls can cover 24 mini-hot dogs, so keep that ratio in mind while you’re at the store.

Slow Cooker Chili
Slow Cooker Chili – Chew Out Loud

The Halftime Show: Bring Out the Crockpot

The crockpot is your friend for a variety of large party scenarios and the Super Bowl is no exception. Chili is hearty, stick to your ribs through double overtime type of food, and can be doctored up with various toppings to suit all palates. Consider making it meatless and less spicy in general in order to cater to more guest needs, by having ground chorizo and diced jalapenos on the side so folks can make their own spice and meat level. Try crème fraîche instead of sour cream, and use fresh scallions and diced onions as an addition to give the hot chili a cool crunch. If you don’t have a crock-pot, just use what you have; a soup pot or Dutch oven will also work.

Veggie Platter
Veggie Platter- The Reluctant Entertainer

The Second Half: A Veggie Cool Down

If you’re anything like me, you have trouble pacing yourself, and in between the chili, pigs in a blanket, and multiple libations, the fruit skewers might be in your rearview mirror. By the third quarter, you’ll be in need of some roughage to help aid digestion. This is when I would recommend putting out a simple crudité plate. Carrots, celery, zucchini and cucumbers have the some of the highest amounts of insoluble fiber, and can be easily cut into spears and dipped in ranch or a French onion dip dressing.

Buffalo Chicken Dip
Buffalo Chicken Dip – Damn Delicious

The Touchdown Dance: Buffalo Dip

You didn’t think I was going to leave you high and dry without some dip did you? Buffalo chicken dip is a sports viewing party staple! This is the dip to end all dips and hands down my absolute favorite game time dish. I’m getting misty-eyed just thinking about it. There are several variations all over the internet, but the basic premise is layer cream cheese, shredded chicken, Frank’s RedHot® hot sauce, shredded cheese and bleu cheese in a baking dish, place in the oven at 425 degrees for 20. Once ready, dip celery, carrots, sourdough bread, a spoon, you name it. Friendly tip: make a double batch, because this is guarantee go to.

– CR, Guest Contributor