A Complete Guide To 6 of the Best Bacon Trucks Nationwide

Bacon is arguably one of the most universally-loved foods of all time. Add bacon to any meal, and you’ve got an instant menu favorite! The best part of this crunchy treat is the fact that it tastes good with every kind of food: salty, spicy, sweet, you name it and you can add bacon to it. Because the love of bacon will more than likely never go away, it’s no surprise that there are numerous food trucks around the country that are dedicated to this delicious meat.

So for all you bacon lovers, this list is for you! Check out some of the best, most delicious, bacon-filled food trucks in the nation.


Bacon Bacon: San Francisco, California

The Bacon Bacon truck is a staple in San Francisco. Every item on their delicious menu has bacon incorporated into the dish, of course. This truck specializes in comfort food and adding bacon to all of their already delicious specials, even the veggie sandwich, which they call “The Almost Veggie Sandwich” for obvious reasons. If you’re craving the delicious, crispy, pork then look no further than Bacon Bacon truck or one of their brick-and-mortar restaurants in SOMA and Upper Haight.


Must Try Dish: The Bacon Fried Chicken Sandwich – Bacon and Panko Encrusted Chicken, Bacon, Cole Slaw, and Bacon Mayo.


The Bacon Boss: Tampa, Florida

The Bacon Boss is an experience that you just can’t miss. If you’re in Tampa and craving bacon, this truck is a must try. The Bacon Boss’ mission is to find a creative, but equally delicious, way to serve up bacon. From burgers to hot dogs, this truck has found the perfect way to add bacon into every one of their dishes.

the bacon boss conway bacon mac

Must Try Dish: The Conway Mac and Cheese – Smooth, creamy mac and cheese topped with crunchy bacon.


Bacon MANia: Orange County, California and Sacramento, California

This truck is so good that it serves both the northern and southern parts of California. Its success has a lot to do with the fact that the truck has an evolving, and delicious menu. The menu is centered around unapologetically, manly, bacon-themed, all-American food. Every item has bacon incorporated into it somehow, even their dessert. If you’re even in the O.C. or up in Sacramento, Bacon MANia is a must try.

unnamedMust Try Dish: The Rico Dog – a bacon-wrapped hot dog with grilled jalapeños & caramelized onions.


Lard Have Mercy: Austin, Texas

Their motto is “Deep Fried and Dee-Lish,” need I say more? This truck is consistently on every top 10 list, and is another must try if you’re visiting Austin. If you happen to live there, you’re lucky, because this truck is so good, it will make you grateful to be an Austin local! In fact, this truck will make you wish bacon was its own nutritional food group.

unnamed-2Must Try Dish: Notorious P.I.G (not always on the menu, but worth it to ask) Monte Cristo sandwich served with raspberry preserves and our signature bacon flavored home-cut french fries.


Bacon Boys: Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is known for its delicious food, and this truck is so good, it’s sinful. The Bacon Boys want to shine a spotlight on America’s favorite food, bacon! They aim to show you how bacon can go with everything, from breakfast to dessert. Not only are they bringing Las Vegas delicious food, but the Bacon Boys believe in giving back, implementing a program to help feed the homeless. So you can go to this truck, eat the food and feel like you’re helping a cause all at the same time.

bacon boys truck - chicken & pig

Must Try Dish: Chicken + Pig – A waffle cone filled to the brim with bacon BBQ bourbon chicken with some extra bacon inside.


The Bacon Truck: Boston, Massachusetts

This truck is for anyone who is craving a salty, greasy, delicious treat in a health-obsessed world. The owners of this truck are fighting for your right to enjoy bacon! Sam and JJ (the truck owners) believe that the people are endowed with certain inalienable Rights: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Bacon. So true! The Bacon Truck proudly serves Blackstone St. Smokehouse’s thick-cut, applewood-smoked bacon, prepared and smoked in South Boston.

unnamed-3Must Try Dish: The Hangover- Bacon, bacon scallion hash, cheddar and havarti cheese, fried egg.