Foodie Final Four – 4 Food Trucks That Are Killing The Game

If you’re college basketball fan, then you’re well aware that Final Four is happening this weekend. In an appetizing twist on the post-season action, we checked out the food truck scenes in and around the four college towns left in the tournament and decided who would go head to head in a battle of the taste buds.

Jerry's Kitchen - Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Jerry’s Kitchen – Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Jerry’s Kitchen – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Representing the Villanova Wildcats in our Foodie Final Four is Jerry’s Kitchen, a Philadelphia-based food truck specializing in creative twists on classic American staples. The star of the menu could easily be the Truffle Mushroom Chicken Cheesesteak, a blend of chopped chicken, homemade gooey cheddar truffle sauce, and roasted mushrooms served on a fresh roll. This dish is both indulgent and delectable. Other must-try items include the Popcorn Cauliflower, flash fried cauliflower covered in homemade spices and served with peppercorn ranch, and the Crispy Chicken Sandwich with a maple dijon sauce. Much like the ‘Cats themselves, Jerry’s Kitchen should not be taken lightly in this food truck face off.

The Flying Pig BBQ Truck - Loaded Avocado & Ribs

The Flying Pig BBQ Truck – Oklahoma City

Ok, so this is not necessarily in Norman, OK, but about 20 miles away from the college town, you can find The Flying Pig BBQ truck in Oklahoma City. This truck deserves the same recognition as the Sooners for their mouthwatering ribs and fresh sides like baked potatoes and homemade cole slaw. The Flying Pig describes their menu as some of the greatest BBQ around and offers one of the most unique menu items in the OKC, the Loaded Avocado, served open faced and topped with pulled pork, slaw, and a tasty sriracha mayo sauce. Using fresh secret BBQ sauces (Pineapple-Coconut, Mango-Habanero, and Carolina VInegar to name a few) definitely helps to give The Flying Pig truck a competitive edge in this Foodie Final Four.

Big C Waffles - Chicken & Waffles

Big C Waffles – Chapel Hill, NC

Just like their college basketball counterpart, the University of North Carolina Tarheels, Big C Waffles is definitely a top contender in this foodie face-off. Thin Mint waffles, Krispy Kreme waffles, and Doughnut waffles are some of the sweet treats in their waffle wheelhouse. The best seller – a bacon, egg, and cheese waffle combination – should be considered a huge threat by the competition as Big C’s calls it their #1 best seller and a dish that keeps customers coming back time and time again. The traditional fried chicken and waffles combo can’t be ignored either, as Big C’s finger-licking fried chicken paired with the fluffy and sweet homemade waffles is a definite bracket buster.

The Chicken Bandit - Chicken Gyro Taco
The Chicken Bandit – Chicken Gyro Taco

The Chicken Bandit – Syracuse, NY

Unlike the Orangemen, The Chicken Bandit food truck, is not the underdog of this Foodie Final Four. An array of chicken dishes fill out their menu with everything from a Mexican Lime Garlic Chicken Gyro to Korean BBQ Chicken Tacos. But the Michael Gbinije of The Chicken Bandit truck is the Bandit Seasoned Half Chicken, which is so good that it beat the Food Network’s Chef Robert Irvine and his chicken recipe in a cook-off. Peppery and perfectly seasoned with owner Cindy Baker’s secret recipe, the Bandit Chicken might just be good enough to move this Philly food truck onto the next round.

Let us know which food truck (and basketball team) you’re cheering on in the Final Four!