Ten Ballparks Hitting Homeruns With Amazing Food (and Teams)

Baseball season is here which means this is the time to get out of the house and cheer your beloved team to victory! Even if you aren’t the biggest baseball fan, making the trek to visit some of the best ballparks this country has to offer is worth it. If not for the game itself, definitely for the food! You may not know this (or maybe you do), but you can find some of the best food around just hanging out at the ballpark. To celebrate Opening Day at ballparks nationwide, we’re taking you on a foodie trip across the country. It’s never easy to narrow a list down, but here are 10 of the must-try foods at some of the coolest stadiums.

Crazy Crab’z - Dungeness Crab Sandwich

AT&T Park, Home of the San Francisco Giants

Must have item: The Dungeness crab sandwich from Crazy Crab’z. It’s an even year for the Giants, which if you’re a believer in trends, they’re headed for a great year. While you’re cheering on the Giants (or their opponent), the Dungeness crab sandwich is a definite must-have if you’re visiting AT&T Park. This popular dish is made with two pieces of buttery garlic sourdough bread and a lot of delicious crab in between. The crab sandwich is a staple at this beautiful park, but if you’re not a fan of seafood, you can always resort to the fan favorite treat – the San Francisco Giants Garlic Fries.

Dodger Stadium - Sweet Corn

Dodger Stadium, Home of the Los Angeles Dodgers

Must have item: Sweet Corn Nachos. Everyone comes to Dodger Stadium with the intention of chowing down on the classic Dodger Dog foot-long hot dog, best enjoyed with a little ketchup and mustard. But isn’t time to try something new? Maybe switch it up the next time you go watch the boys in blue play and order the sweet corn nachos, tasty tortilla chips topped with fresh sweet corn, cotija cheese, chili powder, and spicy mayo. Pair these nachos with a Michelada – a blend of Mexican beer, tomato juice, lime juice, spices, and a dash of hot sauce – for a ballpark culinary experience that is quintessentially L.A.

PetCo Park - California Burrito

PetCo Park, Home of the San Diego Padres

Must have item: The California Burrito. It wouldn’t be Southern California if you didn’t have some kind of tasty Mexican food and the California Burrito from Lucha Libre is the perfect SoCal Mexican eat! Hold on tight because you’re not going to believe what this burrito is filled with. It’s got any protein of your choice, sour cream, salsa, and FRENCH FRIES! Yes, french fries. Enough said.

Cheeseburger Hot Dog

Chase Field, Home of the Arizona Diamondbacks

Must have item: The Cheeseburger Dog. Combine two ballpark favorites – the cheeseburger and the hot dog – and you get Chase Field’s newest culinary delight. Made with ground up hamburger, pieces of bacon, dill pickles, green onion, and cheddar cheese, this “dog” is then breaded and deep fried until reaching perfect crispiness, AND THEN topped with more bacon, lettuce, tomato, and the always-tasty house-made secret sauce. Head over to Big Dawg’s concession stand during the seventh inning stretch and try to finish this Diamondbacks delicacy before “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” ends.

chicken and donut skewer - Global Life Park

Global Life Park, Home of the Texas Rangers

Must have item: The Chicken and Doughnut Skewer. The Rangers are stepping up this year in the ball game and food game departments this year. They’ve got a bigger and better stadium menu that is guaranteed to give you another reason to keep coming back to Global Life Park. Try the Chicken and Doughnut Skewer from the Flew The Coop concession stand, which is a 12-inch stack of fried chicken and doughnut holes drizzled with sweet and spicy honey buffalo sauce, while cheering on Yu Darvish and company.


Minute Maid Park - The Flying PIgMinute Maid Park, Home of the Houston Astros

Must have item: The Flying Pig. If Minute Maid Park is your home turf, do yourself a favor and try out the Flying Pig, one of the Astro’s new menu items this year. Not your typical hot dog and nacho ballpark meal, this deep fried pork shank in peanut curry ranch served with a sweet chilli applesauce is so good that it’ll have foodies flocking to the stadium for a taste. If last year’s playoff run is any indication this year will play out, we’re pretty sure you’ll be visiting this stadium a lot, so make sure this new dish on your list of foods to try.


Wrigley Field, Home of the Chicago Cubs

Must have item: The Gilbert’s Sausage Beef and Cheddar Dog. With their highly anticipated newly renovated stadium, young and talented players and delectable new food items, it’s good to be a Cubs fan this baseball season. While it may be hard to pass up the always amazing Chicago style hot dogs, you’ll be glad you did when you take that first bite of the new Gilbert’s Craft Sausages Beef and Cheddar dog. A smoked beef sausage topped with cheddar and then piled with mac and cheese, bacon, BBQ Sauce, and caramelized onions. This is best enjoyed while watching the Cubbies win, but make sure you’re done eating so you can sing “Go, Cubs, Go.”

Crave Restaurant Denver Luther Burger

PNC Park, Home of the Pittsburgh Pirates

Must have item: The Brunch Burger.  Perfect for checking out an afternoon game, this tasty treat is a bacon cheeseburger with a fried egg sandwiched between two halves of a glazed doughnut and topped with sprinkles in the team’s colors. In order to find this masterpiece, you’ll need to go to Rivertown Brewing Hall of Fame Club, a sit down restaurant in the stadium. But, it’s worth it. This burger is a real life dream come true, and is on the top of my food bucket list. Don’t worry, if you go to the restaurant there are televisions all around, so you won’t miss the game.


Camden Yards, Home of the Baltimore Orioles

Must have item: The High Heater Burger. Yovani Gallardo isn’t the only newest addition at Camden Yards this season, as hungry fans will be delighted to see the High Heater Burger on the menu at the Bud & Burgers stand. Two beef patties loaded with sauteed jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, smoked bacon, and chipotle aioli makes the Orioles’ food roster this year and we think this one is a guaranteed walk-off home run.

Citi Field, Home of the New York Mets

Must have item: The Shake Shack Shackburger. Shake Shack may have finally made its way to the west coast, but the popular name can be found in New York City at Citi Field. The popular Shackburger can be a double or single cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato and ShckSouce. I mean, what better place to try the Shackburger than at a baseball game? There might be a line, but hey, Mets fans waited for 16 years before they went back to the World Series. We promise the wait won’t be that long.

Remember, there’s no crying in baseball, but tears are definitely allowed if you spill your nachos doing the wave. Enjoy your summer, enjoy your food, and most of all enjoy baseball!