A Guide To The Gooiest Grilled Cheese Sammies

Today is National Grilled Cheese Day!  A day we celebrate proudly and a foodie favorite that is easy to make and has a ton of different versions to try. To start the festivities of right, we’ve highlighted some of the cheesiest, messiest, and tastiest versions of this American classic in our guide to the gooiest grilled cheese sammies across the nation. Don’t worry, you can thank us later!

 Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe – Dallas, TX

After being named Mobile Cuisine’s Best Grilled Cheese Truck of 2015, Ruthie’s definitely deserves a spot in the gooiest grilled cheese guide. This sammie slinging truck is known for their savory and creamy creations like, The Boss – a delicious BBQ brisket sandwich with sharp cheddar cheese on fresh Sourdough bread. Or try an Italian Hippy – chicken, mozzarella, pesto, and grilled tomato sandwich served on whole wheat bread. Ruthies, being one of the first food trucks in Dallas, has developed quite a devoted following of foodies that are further proof of how divine the food is.


Gooiest sammie: The Extra Cheesy Classic – a blend of cheeses melted and grilled to perfection

  Gorilla Cheese – NYC

With a name like Gorilla Cheese, this truck is practically guaranteeing giant, out of this world sammies. Located in New York City, every dish this truck puts out is pure deliciousness. Gourmet cheese lovers will go crazy over the triple cream brie with prosciutto and strawberry preserves. If you’re not the type to mix sweet and savory flavors together, stick with something that you’re sure to love, like the BBQ pulled pork with sharp cheddar cheese and caramelized onions. Gorilla Cheese also offers tots and tomato soup so that your grilled cheese will have a tasty companion to pair it with.


Gooiest sammie: Tasty cheddar with smoked turkey, tomato, and chipotle aioli on multigrain bread

 Toasty Cheese – Chicago, IL

The Toasty Cheese truck is bringing some of the Windy City’s best grilled cheese sammies to the streets of Chicago. Buttery bread, rich cheese, and delectable choices like the Pork Belly Shelly (Gruyére cheese, pork belly and sweet and sour cabbage with thousand island dressing on seeded rye bread), and the Mighty Max (grass-fed ribeye, mozzarella, red onion and garlic butter on a pretzel roll) are a few of the tantalizing options to choose from. Expect the usuals like a buffalo chicken grilled cheese and the always popular bacon cheddar sammie, but prepare to be blown away by The Chef’s Choice, something that can only be found at Toasty Cheese. A provolone, fresh spinach and arugula, tomato grilled cheese sandwich made even more palatable by the addition of duck bacon, yes duck bacon. The Chef’s Choice will become your new monthly indulgence guaranteed.

Toasty Cheese Truck: The Chefs Choice

Gooiest sammie: The Chef’s Choice – provolone, tomato, fresh spinach and arugula grilled cheese sandwich with duck bacon

  Papi Queso – Charlotte, NC

Papi Queso is thee grilled cheese truck to try in Charlotte, North Carolina. Chef Brian Stockholm plays with flavor combinations and features a rotating menu of enticing sandwiches, like his latest creation of Sweet Grass Dairy Georgia gouda, caramelized pears, roasted hazelnut and sage brown butter all melted to perfection for your enjoyment. The Pig Mac (pulled pork, bourbon onions, and a layer of mac and cheese) is this trucks crowd pleaser, made even more appealing when accompanied by the housemade truffle kettle chips that are tossed with parmesan, rosemary, lemon, and white truffle. All of these sandwiches are tasty, so whatever route you decide to take with Papi Queso it’s sure to be a yummy one.

Papi Queso: Lobster Mac Melt

Gooiest sammie: The Lobster Mac – Mouthwatering lobster macaroni and cheese on perfectly grilled sourdough bread


 Killer Melts – Miami, FL

Killer Melts is exactly what their name promises – undeniably amazing grilled cheese medleys that are, well, killer. Grab a Caprese Melt, a gooey combo of fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, pesto, creamy fontina cheese, and a balsamic glaze on toasted white bread, while enjoying the sights and sounds of Miami. Stray from the menu and create your own Killer Melt or order one of their original creations, either way you’re guaranteed to have a delectable National Grilled Cheese Day eating at this truck.


Gooiest sammie: The Killer Melt- Bacon jam, caramelized onions, melted muenster and cheddar cheeses on toasted white bread

 Oh My Gaga Truck – Los Angeles,CA

Angelenos in need of a savory sandwich need to look no further than the Oh My Gaga truck. They use local ingredients and enticing flavor combinations to “tempt the taste buds of any food truck connoisseur”. Sandwiches like the Loaded Potato Melt (tater tots, crumbled bacon, green onions, mozzarella and sharp cheddar cheese, drizzled with sour cream) and the Mac Attack (bacon, mac and cheese, jalapenos, muenster and sharp cheddar cheese) are some of the cheesy goodness the Oh My Gaga truck is slinging out to the streets of L.A..

Buffalo Melt w/ Cream Cheese & Ranch

Gooiest sammie: Buffalo melt with cream cheese and ranch

 The Whey Station – Middletown, CT

Foodie husband and wife teamed up with one goal in mind- serve the best and most creative grilled cheese sandwiches to the people of Middletown, Connecticut. Former cheesemongers themselves, Jillian and Josh Moskites know a thing or two about the importance of the cheese in these melted concoctions and use their experience to make the some of the most delicious sandwiches on the East Coast. With a loyal fanbase, especially with Wesleyan University students, it will only take one bite of the Bacon Marmalade sandwich to understand why The Whey Station is the authority on grilled cheese in their state.

Whey Station Truck Bacon Marmalade Melt

Gooiest sammie: Bacon Marmalade Grilled Cheese filled with 5 cheeses, tomato, a special salty & sweet bacon spread plus an added fried egg

The Grilled Cheese Truck – LA, Phoenix, Austin, Orange County, Santa Barbara, New York

Dubbed “The Ultimate Comfort Food on Wheels” and with new locations constantly being added, The Grilled Cheese Truck has become one of the most well known melted sandwich trucks around. Grilled cheese fanatics will go crazy over the options at this extremely popular truck, so be prepared to stare at the menu for a solid 10 minutes while choosing what to order. The French Onion Melt (Gruyere cheese with onion soup compote between Parmesan crusted French bread) and the Pepperbelly Melt (homemade chili, Habanero Jack cheese, cilantro lime sour cream, fire-roasted tomato salsa, and crunchy Fritos chips served on French bread) will definitely be tough to decide between, so plan on following this truck around until you’ve tried every item.

The Grilled Cheese Truck: Cheesy Mac n' Rib Melt

Gooiest sammie: The Signature Cheesy Mac & Rib – sharp cheddar cheese with rich, house-smoked BBQ pork, homemade Southern macaroni & cheese and caramelized onions on French bread

Happy National Grilled Cheese Day!