5 Tips to Make Sure the Food at Your Event Doesn’t Suck

It’s one thing to plan a small party for a few friends, but what about planning for the masses? How are you going to feed a hungry crowd of hundreds or even thousands? Better yet, what should you feed them? Whether you’re a pro event organizer or a planning newbie, we’ve got the inside track on some universal truths we’ve learned from providing food truck concessions to clients as diverse as the Special Olympics World Games, Sugar Land Home and Garden Show, and Lagunitas Beer Circus.  


1. Everybody loves a BBQ!

After managing hundreds of public events, we’ve seen one cuisine type stand out from the rest. Turns out lots of folks love to grub on a smoky brisket plate or pulled pork sandwich with all the fixings, so we try to book a BBQ truck at every large event. Added bonus: Because of the nature of BBQ, these trucks typically slow cook, bake, or stew their proteins and sides to completion beforehand, making for faster service and shorter lines during the event!

Lobos Truck - Public Event Catering

2. Location Location Location 

Don’t tuck your vendors away! In order for your attendees to know where to go to satisfy their gastro cravings, place trucks near the entrance and exit of your event. Setting up a few tables and chairs nearby makes for happier eaters, and encourages people to linger before using that exit.

Hungry Nomad Truck Salad

3. Treat Yo’ Self!

This isn’t the time to be healthy. Most people are looking for indulgent food options that make them salivate. Even hardcore athletes are ready for a yummy reward at the finish line of a competitive sporting event. Don’t worry – you can start that diet tomorrow!

Public Event Food Truck Catering


4. Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

Choosing the right number of trucks for your event is key. While some of your main priorities as an organizer might be reducing lines and having a variety of food on site, a food truck wants to serve as many guests as possible to maximize their sales. We specialize in (and recommend) securing fewer, but more reliable, food truck partners that can serve between 70 and 90 meals per hour to make sure that everyone has a wonderful event.


5. Voracious Herbivores

 While we do have some fantastic vegetarian/vegan specific partners, you don’t need a food truck with a plant-only menu to make sure all your attendees are well fed. Almost every vendor already has, or is willing to work with you to have, at least one or two delicious entrees on their menu for our veggie-loving friends.

If you want the food at your next event to be amazing, please visit roaminghunger.com/catering.