Throw An Amazing Grad Party w/o Breaking The Bank


Looking to celebrate your graduation without spending all the money you had saved for college? Or did you just finish four long years at a university and need an amazing party to celebrate your accomplishment without breaking the bank? Whichever grad you may be, we’ve got some fun tips that will help give you the celebration you always imagined at a price point that is affordable.

Host the Party at Home

The first step in ensuring your grad party is awesome, yet low-cost, is to select a venue that will cost next to nothing, so why not just host it at your house? Sounds obvious, but many families actually choose to celebrate their new grad at restaurants and banquet halls. If you’re looking to save some money on the venue, having it at home is one of the easiest ways to not break the bank this grad party season. Or at least you can spend the money you would have shelled out for a venue on other aspects of the truck graduation catering


Food Truck Graduation Catering

A huge chunk of the cost at most graduation parties often stems from food and beverages, especially if you book a venue and use the catering services they provide. Because you’ve chosen to host the graduation at home and make your own decor, you’ve saved some money and can put those funds towards something a little more impressive than the standard cheese pizza fare. Wow your guests and give them (and your graduate) a one-of-a-kind experience with food truck graduation catering. With thousands of gourmet food truck catering options, your party is definitely going to stand out when your attendees are talking about the tasty bites at your soiree for weeks after. Because who wouldn’t want a food truck at their house to celebrate being done with school?


Throw a Joint Party

 Having a grad party with a friend or friends not only lowers the cost, but it is also a great way to ensure that your party is focused more on the accomplishment of finishing school, without worrying about all the logistics that come with planning a party. When you choose to have a joint party, you’re also opening the door to having more people involved which means less stress and more help (and ideas on what to do). It also means you’re splitting the cost with someone else – lowering your personal budget – along with the responsibilities, which is a good thing.


Create your own decor

Party rentals can be costly, especially when it comes to graduation decor. Save money by making your own decorations or doing a few easy things to spruce up your backyard. Your creativity will make a huge difference in your budget, but still impress guests. For example, try setting up unique seating areas or stringing up some twinkle lights to create a laid-back, summer party vibe. Check out our previous post about how to throw a cozy outdoor party and use those same tips for some awesome grad party decor suggestions.


Once you’ve got your party planned and your graduation catering all set by booking a food truck, it’s time to get celebrate being done with school!