Wealthy Commons

The shindig last night at the Commonwealth club was a lot of fun and fairly insightful.

The Panel Assembling
The Panel Assembling

Although a few remarks from event goers hoped for more “substance” from the panel, the overall get together was well worth my $20— especially since the Commonwealth Club might become my new hang out spot in SF.

A few food highlights— the Smitten ladies served salted caramel ice cream– definitely worth its salt.

Magic Curry Kart was magical.

Curry Curry

Bacon Potato Chips from Who’s Your Daddy— bacalicious.

AND.. my Empanada from Chile Lindo was $5– but very cheesy and delightful.

All in all a great panel and big ups to Tamara Palmer for being the glue… I had a wonderful time…

QUESTIONS: Will street vendors who sell prepackaged goods leave the streets once they hit grocery?

Does the pursuit of success for a street vendor fundamentally mean leaving the streets?