The Secret To Making Your Sorority Stand Out

Every sorority has it all figured it out when it comes to bid day, complete with a theme, decorations, giant letters, and of course, the shirts. So you’ve got your house looking good and everyone decked out in the best matching neon tank tops, but what’s the secret to making your sorority stand out, one that is often overlooked by a majority of chapters nationwide? The answer: really delicious food. Why food? Great food is what makes a time and a place memorable. Think about the most amazing meal you’ve had with friends and chances are you’ll start to remember exactly who you were with, where you were at, and even how it smelled. And just the thought of it makes you happy. Just like how everyone will feel on your sorority bid day. And while bid day is a good starting point to begin incorporating amazing eats into your chapter’s events, why stop there? From philanthropies to parent’s weekend, make your sorority party stand out above the rest of the houses on campus by booking a food truck to serve mouthwatering meals, guaranteed to get people buzzing. Here are 5 reasons why


Be Healthy and Happy

You don’t have to compromise on taste or pick up a sad veggie platter from Costco. Trucks like Blenders and Bowls, Lulu’s Local Eatery, and The Green Truck are making it easy to gorge on food that tastes incredible and is nutritious, organic, and energizing. Socialize over a strawberry, blueberry, and granola acai bowl at your next sorority party or get to know new members while chowing down on a savory kale salad piled with avocado. There’s even scientific evidence that ordering the right kind of food will positively affect your mood. Recently, Food & Wine Magazine wrote about the results of a study done by researchers that found eating more fruits and veggies can significantly increase a person’s happiness, so not only will you have the most health conscious members in your sorority, but you’ll also be the most fun group of girls on campus.


Save Time

While there is an insane amount of cute and tasty food recipes on Pinterest, how many fruit kebobs do you really want to make after getting 6 hours of sleep during recruitment week? Between balancing school and sorority, there’s little time left to spend frosting 200 cupcakes or running over to the pizza place near campus to pick up 12 ‘zas before your chem test. Getting a food truck for your sorority bid day is the easiest way to ensure that your chapter is getting the yummiest food without stretching yourself too thin. Besides, less time spent on food prep means more time planning for formal.


Customize the experience

A fruity pebbles and marshmallow ice cream sandwich surrounded by an edible wrapper with your letters on it is what Snapchat Stories are made of. The Coolhaus truck in Los Angeles, New York, and Austin will do just that using all-natural fresh, local ingredients that make for the perfect sweet treat at any sorority party. Lil Pop Shop in Philadelphia makes flavorful, creamy popsicles in varieties like jasmine and blueberries, watermelon lemonade, and rosemary peach, complete with wrappers that have your sorority’s letters on them. Sit back and watch as the Instagram worthy goodies fill your feed- and everyone else’s.

And while every other girl is eating the typical cupcake or cookie with frosted letters on top, your members can revel in the fact that they’re the sweetest sorority on campus (and have the customized popsicles to prove it).


Stand Out from The Crowd

Heads will turn, stomachs will growl, and every other chapter on campus will be kicking themselves for not coming up with the idea sooner. There’s something about a food truck parked out front on bid day, or rolling up to your weekend philanthropy event that attracts attention and creates a buzz. So rather than playing catch up and booking a food truck after you saw the house next door with one, be trendsetter and stand out from the crowd by being the first.


If you really want to be the talk of campus, take things to the extreme with a food truck wrap, complete with your colors and letters, and drive it down Greek Row. Let’s be honest, nothing screams top tier house more than a custom wrapped food truck handing out tasty bites to their friends, families, and members.

You have all the best members, your house décor is on point, and your formal is the highlight of the semester. Basically, your chapter is killing it in everything you do. All that’s left is to book a food truck and have your food become just another thing that your sorority is the greatest at.