Fresh Seafood Finds With Cabane de Cape Cod Food Truck

The Parisian food truck collective, “Street Food en Mouvement” is a weekly gathering of some of the city’s finest mobile restaurants. Located in the stalls of the famous Porte de Clignancourt flea market, “Streat Market” provides a welcome opportunity for Parisians to enjoy the city’s emerging food truck scene while sitting at outdoor tables and listening to live music.

Cabane de Cape Cod Parisian Streat Market

As a seafood lover, I was naturally drawn to Cabane de Cape Cod, co-owned by Roger Le Roy and Nathalie Moine. Roger and Nathalie had gone to middle school together in France but lost touch for many years. During their time apart, Roger moved to Cape Cod where he became enamored with the style of cuisine that defines the New England coast. Nathalie, meanwhile, stayed in France where she continued to develop her skills as a chef. After reuniting on Facebook as adults, they decided to explore their mutual passion for fish by creating their own food truck that they then launched in September 2015.

cabana cape cod parisian food truck

One of their main goals is to allow Parisians to rediscover fresh seafood at an affordable price. I am happy to say that they have succeeded admirably. I love sashimi so I was delighted to learn that I ordered the last serving of tataki for the night. Roger and Nathalie serve the lightly-seared tuna topped with sesame seeds and a ginger-infused soy sauce that evokes the traditional Japanese flavors associated with the dish. What makes their tataki unique is French twist the duo creates by adding a dollop of wasabi butter. 

Cabana de Cape Cod Food Truck Tataki

I also got the tandoori shrimp which comes with a yogurt and chive sauce. The creaminess of the sauce acts as a great accompaniment to the slight kick of the curry-dusted shrimp. Both the tataki and the shrimp tandoori come with a piece of Cabane de Cape Cod’s homemade focaccia bread. Any Parisian food truck must have excellent bread if it hopes to attract a following, and Roger and Nathalie’s focaccia does not disappoint. Baked in the truck and served straight from the oven, Cabane de Cape Cod employs the poolish method of bread starting which makes their bread much lighter than regular dough. 

Cabana cape Cod Food Truck Fish and Chips

For an entrée, I ordered the fish and chips. True to their name, Roger and Nathalie use fresh cod which gives the dish a light and flaky texture. They fry the breaded cod in grapeseed oil which demonstrates their commitment to quality above all else. Even though it’s considerably more expensive, grapeseed oil is less greasy making the final product much more delicate, while also being lower in saturated fat. Roger and Nathalie also use the same oil to fry their homemade potato chips which are served hot and fresh. The potato chips are a clever play on the typical French fries, and I found them to be incredibly delicious. To complement the richness of the fish and the chips, they offer their sweet and crunchy salad—a combination of cucumber, tomato, and pomegranate seeds. 

Cabane de cape cod food truck

Streat Market and Cabane de Cape Cod both demonstrate the way that food can bring people together. Streat Market brings together Parisians of all stripes to discover and explore different types of cuisine, while Cabane de Cape Cod serves as the catalyst to unite two old friends who had lost touch and then worked in tandem to bring people delicious and memorable meals.

Guest Contributor, David Martin Cohen