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We sat down with Ed from Cart for a Cause to find out what makes this truck tick.

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1.        What is Cart for a Cause?

Cart For A Cause is a food-truck based fundraising initiative for St. Vincent Meals on Wheels, the Los Angeles based chapter of the national Meals on Wheels organization. Cart For A Cause serves gourmet meals crafted by the elite chefs of the Los Angeles culinary scene. Every Tuesday, Cart For A Cause travels across Los Angeles and surrounding communities, selling meals created by some of Los Angeles’s preeminent chefs – some of whom are creating menu items exclusive to the cart. For ten dollars, customers can purchase lunch and a drink, with all proceeds going directly towards the St. Vincent Meals on Wheels organization.

Cart for a Cause

2.        Any notable chefs coming on board soon?

We have Suzanne Goin from AOC, Lucques and Tavern and Ilan Hall from The Gorbals who have just signed on.

3.        Favorite dish from the truck so far?

Some true standouts have been Animal’s Fried Chicken Sandwich, Lazy Ox Canteen’s Baco Sandwich, Comme Ca’s French Dip and Nobu West Hollywood’s Black Cod – there have been so many great meals!

4.        What cities would you ideally like to see CFAC in next?

Ideally, we’d love to see the Cart in major metropolitan areas such as San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Boston and food truck-centric areas such as Portland and Austin. What would be ideal as well would be areas where private funding for organizations such as Meals on Wheels has suffered – such as Detroit.

5.        What would you do with the Refresh grant money?

The Pepsi Refresh Grant would be used specifically to help Cart For A Cause establish itself further in the Los Angeles market by increasing days of operation. Additionally, a large portion of the grant would be used towards funding Carts in other areas – both through providing essential start up operational expenses and staffing.