27 Insanely Satisfying Catered Lunch Ideas for the Office

Seattle is a city of professional contradictions – the weather, in case you haven’t heard, tends to be cloudy, but we somehow lead the country in sunglass sales.  By a lot.  We foster geniuses and lead the country in big-business tech innovation.  All this adds up to a workforce that’s at once focused but adventurous, brilliant but indulgent, social but just a bit private.  Oh and then there’s the rain.

Needless to say, when it comes to office lunch here, going with a food truck’s not just the fun choice, it’s also the practical one.  With a thriving scene getting bigger and stranger by the day, there’s a truck in town for every co-worker’s sensibility, from gilded-up classics to bold new experiments.  In fact there’s so much variety you could get lost researching, so allow us to break down the city’s best for you.  Here are 27 company lunch ideas in Seattle, we hope you’re hungry.

seattle biscuit company company lunch ideas

1. Seattle Biscuit Company

Between east coast conference calls, software launches and countless other unwelcome complications, sometimes the work day starts early.  Too early.  Eat-breakfast-at-work-level early.  So when that happens, prepare accordingly.  Seattle Biscuit Company delivers one of the best breakfasts in town straight to your work, with an array of biscuits as authentic as they are addictive.  Lovingly crafted by two biscuit enthusiasts respectively from Mississippi and Georgia, these locally-sourced mini monuments to flavor taste heavenly all on their own.  But what are you, nuts, don’t leave them all on their own – the truck loads their biscuits up with fixings that range from eggs and bacon to grits and apple butter, giving you a breakfast and a half you can hold with one hand.  Perfect for crack-of-dawn skype sessions with Boston.  By the time you’re done, you’ll find the sleep that you’ve lost is a paltry sacrifice.  And maybe you’ll scheme up more reasons to start the day early.

2. Street Treats

Work’s rarely easy – if it was, it wouldn’t be called work.  But if it can’t be easy, at least it can be sweet.  And we mean that literally.  Street Treats is Seattle’s first dessert-only food truck, and remains on top after all these years.  Probably cause they’re really good at what they do.  Namely, build-your-own-ice-cream-sandwich bars. A visit from Street Treats might not take away your workload, but it’ll sure make tackling it feel a whole lot lighter.  Easy is a myth – like sunshine in January, or anyone in town actually owning an umbrella.  All you’ve got left is reality.  But with Street Treats in the mix, at least reality can taste a whole lot sweeter.  And in this case, maybe sweet’s better than easy.

3. Dante’s Inferno Dogs

So you’ve got an in-office mixer to plan.  Considering the stoic, angsty nature of most folks here, another word employees might give to all that is “Hell”.  So feed them appropriately – Dante’s Inferno Dogs turns up the heat on awkward team-building til it’s eclipsed by the sound of full mouths.  Dante’s takes pride in perfecting the “Seattle Dog” with a loaded cream cheese gun onboard that spreads the stuff far and wide, but a full menu of dogs, brats, burgers and veggie options are all on hand to get the job done just as deliciously.  And with taste on your co-workers’ minds instead of anxiety, NOW you’ve got yourself a mixer.  At least once everyone’s mouths are free.

4. Napkin Friends

As Mayor Murray’s often stated, Seattle’s a city that fosters innovation.  Between Boeing, Amazon, Microsoft and a veritable laundry list of other influences, it’s been a city on the move for well over a century, attracting the best ideas the country has to offer.  Chances are, if you work here, it’s a claim you can share.  So when it comes time to grab sandwiches for the whole team, stay on trend and book a visit from Napkin Friends.  A food truck with a wealth of options – from pastrami to Italian chicken to a BLTGA (bacon/lettuce/gouda/avocado, to the uninitiated), if you can dream a flavor combo up, chances are it’s here for you.  Only catch is, it’s not on bread.  Napkin Friends panini-presses each and every sandwich between homemade latkes, meticulously prepped from Chef Jonny Silverberg’s well-tweaked recipe, giving Seattle yet another innovation it can proudly stand behind.  Naturally, matzoh ball soup’s on hand to help wash down each entree, giving your office a complete lunch that won’t be forgotten any time soon.  Book Napkin Friends, and feed innovation with…well….more innovation.  We think you’ll find the future tastes great.

5. Marination Mobile

Like most Seattle startups, the Marination Mobile began with a small team. Unlike most Seattle startups, it started in a truck. Owners Kamala and Roz started their truck and their love of Hawaiian-Korean fusion did the rest. Perfect for a lunch on the go, the Marination Mobile serves up sweet and tangy tacos, sliders and sandwiches. When that big presentation deadline is fast approaching, grab a bite from the Marination Mobile and enjoy. Then get back to work.

6. Where Ya At Matt

Make sure you’re not working from home when Where Ya At Matt is out serving up New Orleans street food. Chef Matt has traveled the country honing his culinary skills to bring his native NOLA eats to Seattle. Matt honed his recipes on his journey from Louisiana, to Alabama, to the Culinary Institute of America and finally to Seattle. You will taste the flavors inspired from Matt’s memories of cooking and fish frys with his family in the Big Easy. Make things easy on yourself and choose the flavors of the Big Easy.

7. The People’s Burger

From offices built out of luxury lofts to startups thriving without so much as a mission statement, Seattle’s workforce is used to unorthodox.  In fact, unorthodox here amounts to the new orthodoxy.  So when it comes to booking burgers for your next team lunch, think outside the bun.  Here to provide the unorthodox burgers of your office dreams is The People’s Burger, which pairs savory, old-fashioned comfort with off-the-wall twists.  Combos rotate on and off the menu, but recent standouts include the PB&J (fresh ground patty under peanut butter/strawberry jam spread, finished with Sriracha and crispy bacon), the Jalapeño(topped with fire-roasted jalapeños, cream cheese, arugula and secret “truck sauce”) and even off-the-rails specials like roast shrimp tacos, smoked brisket and pulled pork.  Tater tots and loaded fries come standard, but are anything but, and all ingredients are fresh and local.  It’s a burger truck that doesn’t quite fit in with the other burger trucks, which should make it perfect for your office.  Assuming you’re all into unorthodox.

8. Skillet Street Food

Quit staring at those menus in the break room and get outside and order. Skillet Street Food, serves a new spread every week from their two food trucks, especially their miss their iconic customized 1971 Airstream. Skillet brings modern American food made with seasonal ingredients to the Seattle and Bellevue areas. Choose from their rotating menu of delicious burgers, sandwiches, poutine and salads. With four restaurant locations, Skillet has developed a love of food and a talent for making it.

papa bois company lunch ideas

9. Papa Bois

So there’s a big problem with vacation days  – no matter how many you get, you always want more.  Even if you work at one of those hipper-than-though tech jobs where vacations are technically unlimited, too much time off tends to gets noticed (and frowned upon) by your co-workers.  So naturally, instead of leaving the office for vacation, sometimes you’ve gotta just bring vacation to the office.  Here to provide just such a service is Papa Bois, which brings full-flavored Caribbean eats right to where you work.  No days off needed to enjoy a single bite.  Maybe you find all this talk a little unrealistic, bordering on insulting – if you do, we’ll assume you have yet to taste Papa Bois’ jerk chicken cutlets (rubbed to perfection, topped with Caribbean slaw and paired with pistachio rice).  Or their Orient sandwich(slow-cooked pork in a lemongrass coconut milk marinade).  Or even the lavender cucumber limeade.   Because if you did, you’d realize we’re not speaking hyperbolically – a visit from Papa Bois is a visit that transports you somewhere else entirely.  So treasure your vacation days – but more than that – treasure the days you can sneak in a vacation and still get paid.

10. I Love My GFF

Skip the greasy sub that will have you in a post-lunch coma, and grab something healthy and energizing from the I Love My GFF mobile cart. The cart specializes in quinoa bowls with your choice of delicious veggie toppings. Pick from I Love My GFF’s perfected recipes. The Fiesta bowl serves up some south of the border vibes ideal for warming up on a chilly day, while the Sunshine bowl is a love letter to Mediterranean cuisine. Don’t forget to add spice rubbed chicken too! Put some natural fuel in your body and power through the rest of your day with this delicious company lunch idea.

11. Full Tilt Ice Cream

As a good rule, any respectable office in this town doesn’t just have a token vegan, it has a bonafide vegan contingent.  And an office incapable of bonding over scoops or sundaes presents an obstacle for your next ice cream social. Unless you know who to call, that is: lately Full Tilt Ice Cream’s made a name for itself, not just as Seattle’s favorite ice cream, but as Seattle’s favorite vegan ice cream.  Of course, milk-based flavors dominate the menu, but even the dairy-for-life brigade’s been enticed by the coconut, almond and fruit-based options Full Tilt offers.  From Mayan Chocolate to Mango Chili to genuine Blue Moon, there’s something for every kind of tastebud, regardless of restrictions.  Invite Full Tilt into your office and you’ll get a party that everyone can join.  So let the wall crumble, and watch the whole team eat together.  No office should be divided by diet.

12. Dogfather Catering

The first rule of running an office is a memorable one, mainly because you’re reminded daily – you can’t please everyone. From choice of furniture to brand of coffee, there’s gonna be….dissenters, for every decision.  No matter what.  So when it’s time to order lunch for the office, the challenge should be evident.  But bring in the big guns with Dogfather Catering, and watch dissenters shake in their boots.  Cause with all the options this truck offers, dissent’s a tough thing to justify.  Hot dogs are obviously the star here, loaded up in more varieties than Capone had aliases.  Bacon dogs, chicken andouille and smoked Bavarian brat (marinated in Seattle’s own Tripplehorn IPA) are just a few options.  But if hot dogs aren’t everyone’s mood, a wide array of authentic, wood-fired pizzas should cover the rest of the team.  And for the most virtuous employees, Dogfather also dishes out killer salads that hold their own against all the savory goodness.  Maybe you can’t please everyone.  But hire someone who can, and you can still consider the day a win.  Until it comes time to set the thermostat.

13. Thai-U-Up

Between Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Glacier Peak, and a few more choice attractions, living & working in the shadows of actual, active volcanoes is just a casual way of life.  But Seattle’s most formidable volcanic activity also happens to be its most welcome – and most mobile.  Thai U Up’s Volcano Chicken has quickly become the stuff of food truck fables, with a rich, decadent heat that lights up tastebuds and melts away deadline pressure.  Book Thai U Up for your office, and you’ll be booking an eruption of morale that’ll flow over mid-week doldrums.  Obviously, for the heat-averse coworkers, Thai U Up has a full menu of Pad See Ew, Pad Thai, and several Pads in-between.  But for everyone else, consider it volcano season.  And the best thing about volcano season is it can come at any time.

14. Gobble Comfort Food

You just looked at next week’s forecast and realized a small monsoon is expected to hit Seattle. Okay, not really, but that’s what it feels like most of the time. Save everyone in the office the embarrassment of the “trying to open an umbrella only to have it hit you in the face” lunch break struggle with a visit from the Gobble Comfort Food truck. Turkey pot pies, secret recipe mashed potatoes, and hot chili are just the kind of warm, feel good comfort food dishes to make you forget you live somewhere that rains 150 days out of the year. Well, almost forget.

15. Flair Taco

In a city that worships the coffee bean, there’s probably no lack of caffeination in your office.  But being awake isn’t the same as being inspired, so to push your staff to their best selves, you gotta think a whole lot bolder than coffee.  You gotta think tacos.  Obviously.  Having long established themselves as Seattle’s most dominant taco truck, Flair Tacos is your best bet for authentic Mexpiration.  From pastor to carnitas to asada, all your classic tacos are in play, alongside two vegan options that make sure the whole team feels welcome.  And for the real problem employees, the ones beyond a quick taco fix (they DO exist, sadly), Flair still has you covered: quesadillas, tortas, and even a Mexican street dog are on hand to light up tastebuds and ignite big ideas.  Being awake is easy, but being inspired takes hard work.  Or tacos.  And when given the chance, always choose tacos.

16. Dirty Dog

While not every office is dog friendly, the Dirty Dog is office friendly. Dive into a Dirty, Dirty Dog covered in bacon, cream cheese (a Seattle specialty) and sauteed onions on a dog of your choice. Show off your creativity by designing your own custom dog. Choose from Polish, beef, chicken or veggie dog and get crazy with those condiments. Owner Binyam Wolde immigrated to Seattle from Ethiopia. Inspired by his grandmother’s love of cooking, he opened the cart in 2010. Get inspired by Binyam’s inspirational hot dogs!

wicked pies company lunch ideas seattle

17. Wicked Pies

An office is rarely an island unto itself; doing business means hosting clients and partners from all over the world.  And no matter who’s visiting, you wanna make sure you observe all the correct customs: if they’re in from Bangkok, offer a gift three times before they finally accept, if they’re in from Dubai, only offer your right hand, and if they’re in from New York, order pizza.  On the surface, you’d assume New York might make for the easiest prep, but when it comes to pizza, Seattle’s…..well…..not exactly New York.  Here to even the scales is Wicked Pies, which provides authentic NY-style pizza cooked in a mobile brick deck oven, and can go toe-to-toe with the east coast’s best.  And on top of old-world technique comes new-world whimsy, with styles like cherry-drizzled cardamom pork and goat cheese (Cherry Pie) and jerk chicken with sweet pineapple pico de gallo (The Owl).  A full menu of focaccia sandwiches and antipasti round out the menu (many of them named in honor of Twin Peaks, for some reason), giving you a host of left-field options to impress your pizza purist business partners.  It all makes for a spread any Seattleite could proudly stand behind, and any New Yorker could actually be envious of.  Jealousy – in Wicked Pizza’s case, it’s the most delicious business custom of all.

18. Seattle Chicken Over Rice

Coffee is not the only simple thing that Seattle has perfected. The Seattle Chicken Over Rice team started at broke college students with a love of classic New York Street food. They brought their passion to Seattle and spent over a year developing the perfect recipe. Get away from the stale donuts that your coworker brought in to be nice and grab a delicious plate of chicken, lamb or both! Your choice of mouthwatering meat is served over savory basmati rice, vegetables, toasty pita drizzled with SCOR’s signature white sauce. Seattle Chicken Over Rice serves as a delicious lunch and a reminder that with passion and hard work can bring about delicious things.

19. Veraci Pizza

From rock to fashion to work ethic, Seattle’s a city that prides itself on authenticity.  No faked emotion, no easy shortcuts.  And if you don’t think that spirit extends to office pizza parties, maybe find a new city to work in.  For those that get it, Veraci’s on hand to give you and your coworkers a Neapolitan experience that can’t be faked, and definitely can’t be beat.  Locally sourced and authentically made, each pizza’s a wood-fired marvel that cuts no corners and skips no note.  From rich, savory eats like the Vesuvius (Cascioppo Bros sausage, ricotta and Calabria peppers over spicy red sauce) to light and balanced veggie options like the Green Dahlia (Roma tomatoes plus fresh mozzarella and onion over homemade pesto), Veraci’s got countless ways to put joy in your office siesta.  And not an ounce of that joy is faked.

20. Street Treats

Work’s rarely easy – if it was, it wouldn’t be called work.  But if it can’t be easy, at least it can be sweet.  And we mean that literally.  Street Treats is Seattle’s first dessert-only food truck, and remains on top after all these years.  Probably cause they’re really good at what they do.  Namely, build-your-own-ice-cream-sandwich bars. A visit from Street Treats might not take away your workload, but it’ll sure make tackling it feel a whole lot lighter.  Easy is a myth – like sunshine in January, or anyone in town actually owning an umbrella.  All you’ve got left is reality.  But with Street Treats in the mix, at least reality can taste a whole lot sweeter.  And in this case, maybe sweet’s better than easy.

22. Pompeii Wood Fired Pizza

Something that’s important when feeding your office – quality.  Something that’s equally important (sometimes even more so, let’s be real) – speed.  After all, a work day is still a work day.  And considering the rain already does a killer job of cramping each and every work day’s style, you need something to help pick up the slack.  Something like Pompeii, which delivers real wood-fired taste in 90 seconds, pie after pie.  It’s gourmet pizza split into two distinct categories – classic Italian creations like Tuscan Pepperoncini, and fusion favorites like Carolina Pineapple Pulled Pork.  Pompeii’s mobile oven doesn’t just cook each pie to perfection, it cooks it in three minutes or less, giving your co-workers less time to wait and more time to work.  Or eat.  You’re the boss, after all.

23. Cheese Wizards

As you sit at your desk counting the minutes until your lunch break, you feel yourself starting to day dream. You’re in a video game- There’s wizards, goblins, and Forrest nymphs. As you’re running through the field collecting coins, the coins turn into grilled cheese sandwiches. Grilled cheese? Oh man, you must be hungry. The hunger snaps you out of your day dream and you find yourself walking outside- the first thing you see is Cheese Wizards. What could this be? A food truck? What a weird coincidence. You start to read the menu- Forrest lord, goblin king, cheese wizard….you must still be dreaming. You order the Forrest Lord and as you take your first bite you know must be a dream. This grilled cheese is too good to be real. Then you feel a pat on your back. It’s your coworker asking how you like the cheese. You’ve been awake all along but Cheese Wizards took you into an alternate cheeze dimension.

caravan crepes company lunch ideas

21. Caravan Crepes

Whether you’re looking for lunch or a sweet treat follow the trail to Caravan Crȇpes. Inspired by memories of great friends and conversation at a creperie in Maui, Caravan Crȇpes set out to Seattle to bring people together over crȇpes. With every crȇpe comes conversation. Try something savory like the Hobuck, made with Black Forest Ham, Gruyere and Emmentaler Cheese Crȇpe. All savory crȇpes come with a side salad so go ahead and indulge in something sweet too! Nothing goes better with afternoon pick-me-up coffee like a Nutella crepe! You won’t need to worry about room for leftovers in the fridge because you will finish every last bite.

24. Secret Sausage

Imagine if you were excited to go to work every day. First thing you feel when you wake up is excitement and joy. Let us be the first to tell you- it’s possible. W jump out of bed every morning to get to work. Why, you ask? Secret Sausage. Have you ever had a sausage so good you want to scream it from the mountain tops? We have. And we do. But instead of mountain tops, try screaming it from the top of you office building to let the world know how much you love this dang sausage.

25. Tacos La Flaca

Why the long face? Tuesday’s feel like the new Monday office Blues? Psst. I got a secret to tell you. Come a little closer, so no one can hear.   Here’s the skinny on how to spice up the office beat with a classic favorite that is sure to make the entire office leap. I predict this weeks Seattle forecast in your office,  Cloudy with a chance of tacos, guacamole, quesadillas, enchiladas, galore.  Forget, #TGIF, You’ll have all your employees singing #TGITacos. Happy bellies AND starting a new trend, now that’s something to turn those frowns upside down.

27. Jemil’s Big Easy

Deciding where to go to lunch is hard, so make it easy on yourself go Jemil’s Big Easy. Shake off that chill and warm up with Chef Jemil’s Cajun and Creole dishes served with a side of Southern hospitality. The bright yellow truck with Chef Jemil’s likeness will make you smile almost as much as the food will.  Try Cajun favorites like the gluten-free Red Beans and Rice or Jambalaya. Other classic Louisiana favorites include Catfish and Chips, Gumbo, Po-Boys and Muffuletas. If you can’t decide, get the Cajun sampler plate with a little bit of everything. Introduce the big yellow truck to your friends and they’ll will want to bayou a drink.

Whatever occasion you’ve got in mind, there’s a food truck waiting to complete it, and all you have to do is sit, click here, and wait for it to show up.  How very Seattle of you.