National Eat At A Food Truck Day is Back

As we get closer to the second National Eat At A Food Truck Day, we started reflecting on how far the industry has come since we first started tracking food trucks back in 2009. Back then, the modern gourmet food truck movement was just getting started. And although the industry was beginning to pick up some momentum, none of us could have imagined how far it would go and the impact it would have on the small business landscape, or in our local communities.

To give you an idea of how far we’ve come, Roaming Hunger’s network of food trucks has just crossed 10,500, almost all of them in the US. That means in just under a decade, the gourmet food truck industry went from a few trucks to over ten thousand. For us, it’s an incredible reminder that the American Dream is alive and real.

It’s a real life counterpoint to some of the rhetoric we hear often about small business and Main Street fading away. Every day, we talk to food truck owners that are passionate about sharing their culinary creations with their communities— and that passion drives them daily. They get up early and go to bed late.

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Food truck owners contribute to our communities on a local level by hiring employees and paying taxes. On a deeper level, they bring people together and give us the gift of great food. From standing in line to receiving your food straight from the person who made it, there’s a magic in the experience of eating from a food truck. It makes life more delicious.

We want to make this year’s National Eat At a Food Truck Day special because we are grateful. We’re inviting everyone to get out and share a meal with a friend as a reminder of the simple joys in life, great food and great company, and to acknowledge the people who make it all possible.

To this small army of entrepreneurs, we want to say ‘thank you’. Thank you for your awesome food, for your hard work, for making our towns and cities a better place to live, and for proving that the American Dream, while not easy, is possible to achieve through passion, caring for our communities and hard work.

Bring Your #FoodTruckFriend to Eat for Free

Need another reason to love food trucks? To show how much they appreciate their customers, participating food trucks are offering a ‘Bring a Friend’ promotion. If you bring a friend and purchase a meal, the friend gets a free meal of equal or lesser value. Just say the secret words “Food Truck Friend” and thank them for their hard work. Share your food truck experience on Twitter and Instagram using the #FoodTruckFriend hashtag.


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