21 Secret Austin Corporate Catering Options You’ll Love

Austin’s weirdness certainly pays off. As far as technology, education, and culinary industries are concerned, this Texas capital is internationally regarded as a beacon of innovation and progress. Meanwhile, our nightlife, live music scene, and overall cool culture continues to thrive. SXSW tickets, Shiners, and Deep Eddy shots don’t pay for themselves. Hence, Austin’s competitive workforce is one to be reckoned with. Thankfully there’s a perfect way to reward (or simply fuel) your hardworking team: get a food truck to handle all your corporate catering and office catering needs.

Whether you need corporate catering for a special company event or just a casual office lunch once a week, we haven’t found a better way to do it than with an Austin food truck.

ATX, of course, is a significant point of origin for the whole food truck/trailer phenomenon, so there’s truly no more suitable way to go about supporting your team and your community. Quick, convenient, and affordable eats serve as a perk, a bonus, and a benefit all rolled into one… giving your office yet another reason to love working for you.

Here’s a list of 21 amazing food trucks and trailers near you that are corporate catering ready. We broke the list down into different types of trucks:

  1. BBQ Food Trucks
  2. Sweet Dessert Trucks
  3. Healthy Food Trucks
  4. Ethnic Cuisine Trucks
  5. Savory Food Trucks

So forget Friday, now your company can rejoice whenever it’s food truck day…TGIFTD.

Kimchi Fries from Chilantro BBQ
Kimchi Fries from Chilantro BBQ



If you’re the type of office that works by getting “down and dirty,” then your idea of corporate catering probably includes BBQ. Pass out the wet naps, share the extra sauce, and dig in.

Slab BBQ

You can double check with the newest marketing intern, but everyone, from your grandma to your boss’ grandma knows that Barbecue is the buzziest buzzword in Austin. Satiate your team’s taste for trends by hiring Slab BBQ to serve its signature “real dope” recipes (ohhh that’s the thing now). Slab, short for “Slow, Low, & Banging”, BBQ will set y’all up with Southern-style specialties like sliders, tacos, and sammys packed with slow-smoked brisket or pulled pork, and homemade sauces.

When Slab promptly arrives at your office, be sure to reward yourselves with enough time to lick your fingers clean before it’s back to the keyboard. Sure, the sounds you make may teeter on the NSFW-side, but at least you won’t be alone. Okay, maybe avoid eye contact with the company HR rep for the rest of the day, just in case.

La Barbecue

Climbing the corporate ladder can burn a ton of calories. Too many, in fact. So it’s best to beef up before getting back to the grind by feasting on some savory, saucy BBQ. In fact, the low-smoked meats, ribs, sausages, sandwiches and sides from this East Side trailer are so locally sought after, you’d be giving yourself an extra boost toward that coveted position if you manage to book the famous La Barbecue to cater. Now show off your leadership skills and make the call. You got this.

Chi’lantro BBQ


Our thriving diversity can largely be attributed to the University of Texas. This “Public Ivy” institution has hooked in Longhorns from across the globe for decades. As new implants continue to grow into seasoned locals, they help to cultivate the melting pot that is Austin today. Within that melting pot is a fusion of the world’s best flavors, which is why we can boast one of the most flourishing foodie/food truck scenes on the planet, let alone in the US.

There is no better example of this phenomenon than Chi’lantro BBQ: where Kimchi meets Cilantro meets BBQ…and boy, is it a hit. You may have seen Chi’lantro showcased on Food Network, Cooking Channel, and even Shark Tank – when founder Jae Kim scored a great investment from Barbara Corcoran with his inspiring success story and signature kimchi fries and other famous specialties. But before this local institution became a TV star, it was wowing UT students and SXSW-crowds by the thousands.

Book Chi’lantro to cater any of your corporate events, and inspire your team to synergize, integrate, and celebrate your origin stories, similarities, and differences in the tastiest way. You may be able to gain a few tips on how to up your sales pitch game too.



Is your company looking to skip the main course and go straight for the dessert? Well we’re here to tell you that as an adult, you can do that all day long. Bring in one of the sweet trucks below, and watch the smiles spread over the entire office.


Vegetarian, Donuts

Whenever a new recruit vies for the office’s approval by bringing in donuts, we greet the sweet assortments with dozens of mixed feelings. On one hand, we are tempted by the decadence but feel that we must resist. On the other hand, we’re already stackin’ donuts on our fingers. But if the culprit offers up Gourdough’s, consider yourself 100% won over. And don’t even try to talk yourself out of accepting one, for you’d only be declining a true Texas icon. “Big. Fat. Donuts.” is Gourdough’s motto and their menu is the evidence: cream cheese icing with brown sugar & grilled bananas…marshmallow with chocolate fudge icing topped with brownie bites…bacon with maple syrup icing…Gourdough’s is to donuts what Barton Springs is to puddles: they make a much bigger splash. These huge ole beauties have been featured all over Rolling Stone, Food Network and Zagat, and now they’re about to be featured all over your faces, thanks to that saint in your office who always “Gour-goes” the extra mile (their joke, not ours).

Holy Cacao

Vegetarian, Cupcakes

With every employee comes an office birthday to celebrate. Depending on the size of your team, you could find yourselves congregating to the break room on a daily basis to collectively drone that dreaded song (you know the one). But holy cow, what’s this? An adorable mobile bakery that serves “divinely delicious” desserts? Well now y’all are gonna have a ball… a rich velvety cake ball on a stick, that is. Or perhaps a cake shake, ice cream sandwich, cookie, brownie… anything your sweet tooth desires.

That’s the beauty of Holy Cacao: everyone gets the treat of their choice, allowing the birthday person to be genuinely celebrated. And when that sinful sugar crash hits the entire team, these saints have a heavenly cure at the ready: cold brew coffee, lattes, espresso, cappuccinos, and many other caffeinated beverages. Wow. This trailer makes it super easy to put the “fun” back in “mandatory festivities”. Cheers to Holy Cacao and of course, happy birthday to youuuuuuu (whoever you are)!

 Parisian Crepes

Vegetarian, French

Lady Bird Lake, Mount Bonnell, South Congress… Austin has its many attractions, but eventually most folks start craving adventures beyond the Lone Star State. Yet as the days fill up with projects upon conference calls upon office parties, life has a way of sneaking on by without allowing much time for international getaways. As an efficient alternative, you can always pencil in a date with Parisian Crepes for your corporate catering,  and take a European vacation right to your desk.

Every minute of the experience feels authentically French, like to an “ooh la la” degree. The truck is beautifully illuminated, the sweet and savory crepes are made with traditional artisan ingredients, and of course the joie de vivre kicks in right about when the freshly pressed coffee does. Now you and your co-workers are free to release your inner-tourists over breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Embrace every cliché by turning up La Vie En Rose when the crepes arrive, and then bon appetit! Oh, and take plenty of pics.

The Science Cream

Vegetarian, Ice Cream

If you happen to work with a bunch of liberal arts majors, now is your chance to introduce them to the wonders of science, in the form of liquid nitrogen ice cream. The Vaca family was the first to bring this astronomically tasty concoction to the Austin streets, and the rest is history… and definitely chemistry… because people LOVE this stuff. How could you not? You get to observe the entire process of sweet creams being instantly frozen and then drizzled and topped with delectable elements. There are milkshakes, sundaes, seasonal flavors and sorbets for everyone to enjoy. Expand your team’s horizons and perhaps inspire brilliance by treating everyone to The Science Cream.

Avocado Buns from East Side King
Avocado Buns from East Side King


Is health and wellness at the top of the list when it comes to company culture? Then you’re going to love booking these trucks to come cater your next corporate event. Everyone in the office will be feeling good, from their mouths to their toes.

Conscious Cravings

Vegetarian, Salads, Wraps

When food trucks pull up to your workplace, even if it’s all the time, it makes any day feel like a special occasion. Therefore your health consciousness often goes right out the window. Why bother with portion control and nutrition when the menu features pork belly and Nutella? Well, you inevitably learn that it’s best for your body and your overall productivity when you skip the dishes that immediately knock you out.

There’s much to do and you must remain conscious, and that happens to be Conscious Cravings’ cue. Their signature flaxseed smoothies and plant-based wraps and salads are so tasty, it all still counts as comfort food. The wholesome (never-fried) ingredients will keep you so energized, you don’t even need the cups of lukewarm coffee to get you through the afternoon. And when the adamant meat lovers in the office are as excited for lunch as the vegan advocates…well that’s just team building like none other.

East Side King

Vegetarian, Asian Fusion, BBQ

Ordering food for everyone can sometimes be a tricky business. With our modern-day medical advances (sure, WebMD counts) most everyone is aware of what they should and should not eat. While many of us strive to respect everyone’s dietary criteria, often someone ends up feeling slighted by the meal du jour, and that’s never ideal. Well, have no fear, the East Side King is here.

This trailer is yet another example of the magic that is created when East meets South… in this case, it’s called Japanese-Austin cuisine. Steamed buns, curries, fried kimchi, brussel sprout salad… its main menu not only encompasses many distinctive ATX flavors, it also offers something to satisfy most everyone’s preferences. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free… long live the East Side King.

Snap Kitchen

Vegetarian, Juices, Salads, Comfort Food

Every office has its dieters who are so disciplined, they can’t even tell you when their last cheat day was. Cater to their needs and keep everyone else hip and healthy by booking Snap Kitchen to deliver its signature low-calorie offerings. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, salads, juices, and snacks… no meal or occasion is too big or small for these wholesome, moderately portioned eats. Feeling a little anxious about that end of quarter presentation? Well you can count on Snap Kitchen to serve something tasty to stress eat, guilt-free… and maybe you’ll be inspired to make your update extra “snappy.”

The Peached Tortilla
The Peached Tortilla


The diversity in Austin is expressed both in the office and on the streets. If you want to change up the normal food offerings and try a new culinary adventure, these ethnic cuisine trucks will make your corporate catering a hit.



The obligatory box to tick on your bucket list once you’ve lived here for about a month is a trip down 6th Street, binge drinking with your buddies from one bar to the next. Remember how it all went down for you last night? Not really? Yeah, we’ve all been there.

As the ding of the elevator announces the arrival of lunch from Kebabalicious, the savory scents of chicken, beef & lamb, and fried falafel begins to waft your way… igniting flashbacks to the night before. Now you remember stumbling out of Midnight Cowboy or The Jackalope (who even knows?) with your squad, and being greeted by Kebabalicious. This glorious trailer was pulled up and primed to serve partiers like you. And guess what, the food tastes just as amazing when you’re all put together and back in the office.

Llama’s Peruvian Cuisine

Sandwiches, Peruvian

You never thought you’d see the day where everyone has hit their BBQ or taco limit….but here you are. At least Llama’s Peruvian Cuisine gives you the option to switch up the lunch routine in a most delicious way. Mixing Spanish, Chinese, and African influences, Chef Julio-Cesar Florez offers a flavorful selection of Peruvian family recipes.

Out of everywhere in America, he picked Austin as THE place to introduce his signature dishes and homemade sauces. Now you and your team can prove that he chose correctly by opening your minds and mouths to fresh Ceviche, Lomo Saltado Sanguche (a stir fried beef tenderloin and veggie sandwich) and Lecuma (Peru’s favorite tropical fruit) flavored ice cream with a caramel drizzle, and much more.


Mexican, Asian Fusion

Does the office have a hankering for something exotic that isn’t the long-forgotten leftovers in the fridge? The good news is that you can leave the smelly tuna and the messy microwave for another day because Rosarito is coming to the rescue. This is one of the most popular food trucks in Austin, with its yummy Mexican seafood/Asian fusion cuisine. Favorites include tostadas, quesadillas, and tacos with your choice of shrimp tempura, tuna sashimi, or sautéed octopus with chicharron. While you’re probably already grinning, imagining the horrified faces of your pickiest co-workers as they skim this particular menu…then wait and see as they transform from fussy into full-on foodie right before your eyes when they take their first bite.

The Peached Tortilla

Southern, Latin-Asian Fusion, BBQ, Tacos, Vegetarian

Your company just landed a huge client and this calls for a major celebration. We’d even say that it’s time to class up the joint with a gorgeous catered meal from The Peached Tortilla. With its elegant Southern-style recipes with an Asian twist, this local institution has made its way onto several national “top” lists for everything from their bowls of soup to their bartending skills. They’ve catered the likes of Google, Whole Foods, and Nike, and now your startup belongs among their A-list. Their services range from quick & easy street food-style, to family-style, to setting you up with exquisite traditional entrees, including roasted salmon with tomato jam. Kalua pork shoulder, and much more. Whichever way you go, The Peached Tortilla will always rise to the occasion. Now you just have to pick who’s going to give the intoxicated toast.


Juana Taco

Vegetarian, Mexican

You live in the taco capitol of the world. Of course you wanna taco ‘bout it just as much as you want a raise. And come on, you know the whole office needs their breakfast taco fix as often as possible. That’s why Juana Taco is always a number one pick to cater any Austin corporate event.

They provide authentic Mexican street food done just right. The ingredients are locally sourced and the recipes are simplified, resulting in the flavors and specialties that have made Mexican food such a favorite in the first place. Homemade corn and flour tortillas + potatoes + eggs + cheese + fresh salsas = the modern breakfast taco, the perfect handheld meal that the city of Austin worships. With this and much more on the menu, you and the entire office will wanna hit up Juana Taco on the daily.



If you wonder what savory means, we can’t give you the exact definition. All we can say is, for the trucks below, it means really delicious food that can come make your office happy.

The Mighty Cone


Ah, The Mighty Cone. Along with Hey Cupcake, this is one of the first food trailers to appear on South Congress, securing a special place in our city’s history. It remains one of the top trailers in town, and your mighty team deserves a taste of this quintessential Austin street food experience.

To break things down, you are given a choice of deep-sauteéd chicken, shrimp, or avocado, crusted in a signature blend of almonds, sesame seeds, corn flakes and seasonings. Then your selection is wrapped in a flour tortilla with a scoop of mango jalapeno slaw and a drizzle of ancho sauce, then gently wedged into a paper cone and handed right over to you. Other cone fillings include pulled pork, ¼ lb burgers, local & seasonal vegetables, and of course ice cream. So hold the phone and then hold a hot & crunchy cone, because you can use this quick break.

Garbo’s Lobster Truck


Is it one of those days where you feel like all your attempts at new ideas belong right in the trash bin? On top of that, all you’ve got lined up for lunch is some gross mealy apple. Well, at least another man’s garbo has become your treasure because you can always book Garbo’s Lobster Truck to cater your corporate lunch instead. Now isn’t your mood a bit lifted already?

Nothing like New England-style seafood specialties to do the trick. There is a variety of ways to go about it – Garbo’s provides DIY-style catering, where you roll up your sleeves to make your own lobster rolls, or they can have your orders pre-prepared and ready to grab on the run. See? It just gets better and better. You can even boost your co-workers’ morale by suggesting a company picnic. There’s no better place to enjoy the flavors of the sea than out in the sun… as long as it’s under 90˚.

Recommendation: Book Garbo’s for business lunch catering – a great way to make the sale!

The Grub House

Burgers, Sandwiches, Comfort Food

Y’all finally wrapped up that very important project – way to go. But you and your team have been burning the candle at both ends for a bit too long and now you’re really starting to feel it. It sounds like it’s time for some hearty, sloppy comfort food to soothe your loopy, burned out selves. If this is the case, The Grub House is what you want. This is downtown drunk food at its best: crispy, meaty, melty, saucy. Everyone agrees that this is some damn good grub, and the ultimate crowd-pleaser is the Firecracker Fries. The signature mix of spices and sauces inspires awe in every fry fan at the office. Each bite is a flavor bomb that you’ve rightfully earned.

Evil Wiener

Hot Dogs

As Capitalism requires, it’s important to know what your ABCs mean… which in this case is Always Be Chomping. See? Like Evil Wiener, we like to take the rules and bend them a bit, just for the wicked fun of it. Evil Wiener takes your everyday 100% beef hot dogs and tops them off with Texas-style naughtiness: queso, Carne Guisada, poblano cream gravy, bacon, hot sauce, and “Evil Dust” for an extra kick. You too can keep work fresh and exciting by allowing your team to indulge their more devious side for a while. It’s a delicious experience you’ll relish forever.

Roppolo’s Pizzeria


The deadline has come and gone and this is one of those times where no one can spare even a minute to glance at a menu. Usually you preciously weigh all the food options before ordering. Is it hypoallergenic enough? Is it Cross Fit-friendly enough? Psssh, forget all that today. You just need something delicious and you need it quick. Roppolo’s has got your back and they’ll be here ASAP (as soon as you can say “PIZZAAA!”).

If Roppolo’s can serve fresh hot slices fast enough to satisfy downtown’s late night crowds, they can definitely keep up with your entire company’s hangry demand. Pick your toppings, grab your order, then pat yourself on the back because you just managed to please the whole office while also demonstrating how to get things done.


Breakfast, Coffee, Southern

As Austin takes on the modern world, with its tech innovations, population, and skyline on the rise, we can all go for a yummy throwback every once in a while, a little glimpse of the good ole days when dress codes and typos were complicated but desk decor and recipes were simple. That’s where this acclaimed trailer rolls in. Have Paperboy add your office to their route and treat everyone to a classic morning ritual as soon as they arrive at work.

What more do you need to settle into success-mode than steaming cups of freshly brewed coffee, hearty home-cooked breakfasts made with local ingredients, and crisp & current copies of the Austin-American Statesman? If you want to keep up the peace for as long as you can, perhaps skip the headlines for now and stick with the crosswords and comics.

Whatever occasion your team is celebrating; exceeding major goals or simply making it to Wednesday… there’s a food truck ready to feed y’all. If you have a company or corporate catering event, learn more about how we can help make everyone happy, from your boss to the new intern, by clicking here.

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