8 Food Trucks Better Than Your Set’s Boring Craft Services

Despite its glamorous reputation, set life in Los Angeles is grueling.  If you’ve clicked on this, we probably don’t have to tell you that.  Long days, high demands, and big egos come standard, no matter which side of the camera you land on.  It’s a machine made of people, and to operate effectively, it’s gotta get fed.

But crafty can only do so much.  From morning omelettes to the afternoon granola bar, getting filled up so you can do your job’s never the problem.  But to go the extra mile, you need a little inspiration to go with your ingestion.  From actors to grips to makeup artists, everyone has a breaking point, and over the course of a 12 hour workday, those breaking points tend to live up to their name.  Thanks to some amazing Los Angeles food trucks and a whole new brand of corporate catering, however, it’s never been easier to glue everyone back together, and inspire them to do their very best work, no matter what’s come before.  Or more importantly, what’s yet to come.

Marcel Waffles

Say you’re the star of the show – the kind of star everything else revolves around – the schedule, the shots, the flavor of La Croix stocked in the cooler; quite literally everything.  The director may be the official shot caller, but everyone knows you call the shots.  So when those shots are……taking longer than expected, whether you’re forgetting your lines, or aren’t feeling the stakes, or just aren’t being your best, everyone knows who to blame for the extra hours.  Of course no one’s gonna say it to your face.  But nip it all in the bud regardless by booking Marcel Waffles.  It’s the kind of truck that warms even the frostiest heart, no matter the time of day – from early morning to late night.  Warmth is a star’s job, after all.  Might as well do it deliciously.

Belly Bombz

So it’s that day – the day every tv producer dreads so hard that the fear trickles down to the whole crew – judgement day.  Or more specifically, the day the network comes to visit.  Maybe even worse – they’ve got press in tow.  You’re shooting a killer show, you know it, and everyone on set knows it.  You’ve got something special.  The kind of special that flourishes with less opinions guiding it.  Specifically the opinions of network executives.  Book Belly Bombz to take your execs’ eyes off your show and onto a simmering host of Korean wings, sliders and sizzling-fresh entrees.  It’s a truck that traffics in the hot, the spicy and the dazzlingly distracting.  Stuff your bosses with so much killer food they’ll be too busy moaning to give notes.  It’s a win/win for all of you, and more than that – a macro way to dodge micro-managing.

Humble Crust

On the flip side – say you’re a studio exec visiting set, and you’re really trying not to be the kind of exec that inspires all that aforementioned panic.  You wanna be the exec that…..somehow…..some way…..the entire set family loves.  It’s a tall order, but you’ve got a special superpower.  Aka the studio credit card.  Put it to use and book a literal pizza party for everyone.  Humble Crust is a food truck whose pizza is anything but humble, and comes in diverse flavors that’ll brighten your crew’s day before you even walk on set.  If you’re gonna be the corporate gal on set, you might as well employ grade A corporate catering to set the tone for just what kind of boss you’re gonna be.  By the time you introduce yourself, you’ll already be family.  Which makes it the perfect time to give notes.

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The Hungry Royal

Listen, we’re not here to tell you why two out of every three cinematographers happen to be surly and British.  We’re just saying it’s an objective fact that two out of every three cinematographers are surly and British.  It’s just facts we’re spouting, that’s all.  Another fact is the cinematographer is one of the hardest working, least appreciated jobs on set (explains the surly part at least).  So when you’re directing a film that’s behind schedule and causing you to rush the lighting set-ups (politely at first…..less so after hour ten), conflict with your overworked and over-accented DP is borderline inevitable.  So plan ahead and book The Hungry Royal, a food truck that won’t just make your cinematographer feel more at home, but just might wipe the surliness from the rest of the crew too.  From Scotch eggs to raj tacos, it’s a truck that inspires through the exotic, and soothes with sophistication.  And despite the conflicts, it’ll make your DP your new best friend.  Even if he’s….gasp……not even British.


As a director, you’ve always got a lot on your plate.  But thankfully, dealing with extras isn’t one of them.  That tends to fall to your ADs, who operate as your extra set of hands.  So on the day you’re shooting your big crowd scene – the one where the hero dives out a window and runs through the streets, rest assured your extra hands will have their hands full with extras.  Maybe think ahead then, and grab them something to soothe the joint pain of signing 1000 background sign-out sheets.  We hear ice cream tends to be anti-inflammatory.  Book corporate catering through ROSIES Bus to grab the best  ice cream sandwiches money can buy.  The kind of sandwiches your extra hands will need two hands just to hold.  Of course wait til background’s wrapped to book it.  Or else you’ll need a lot more extra hands to hold them back.

The Brooklyn Pig

So maybe you’ve written one heck of a script.  One that builds perfectly, climaxing in a moment of realization for your heroes as they share one iconic kiss, watching the sun rise over a canyon, just as a train passes by.  There’s probably a metaphor in there.  Anyway, it’s the kind of moment that only takes a solid week to film, each take capturing the sunrise just the way you wrote it.  An end result to envy from a process to fear.  Safe to say, if you decide to make a set visit, you might not be anyone’s favorite person.  So come prepared, ready to justify that third-in-a-row 4:30 AM call by bolstering breakfast. Oatmeal and omelettes can only smooth over so much lost sleep, after all.  Hire the Brooklyn Pig to deliver dynamite breakfast burgers, egg sandwiches and chicken & waffles that’ll do more than wake the crew up – they’ll make ’em happy they’re awake.  Hit two birds with one stone and make the NYC ex-pats feel right back home, and if you’re lucky, maybe everyone else will at least feel like they’re on east coast time.  If only for one perfect, glorious (week-long) shot.

Raw Cane SuperJuice

In a perfect world, the stars of your red-hot rom-com would carry their chemistry off-screen and co-exist beautifully.  But if the world was perfect, rom-coms wouldn’t need to exist.  In reality, there’s a decent chance your leads’ egos could outweigh their talent, and run head-on into each other.  It’s tough to run a set when your stars’ trailers are both locked, so think outside the box and book a food truck for the kind of corporate catering that’ll bring your heartthrob and heroine together, no matter how hard they’ve butted heads.  Raw Cane SuperJuice provides freshly made, nutrient-packed, delicious juices and entrees that’ll fill your stars’ bellies without adding an inch to their love-scene-ready abs.  It might just balance their blood sugar too, resulting in a set that really does feel like romance.  At least temporarily.  

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Plant Food For People

Producing has the aura of ease to it from the outside – make some meetings, shake some hands, and collect your money.  That’s how it works, right?  Of course, a producer’s real job is to maintain exactly this illusion, while putting out eight million fires behind the scenes, usually set by the director himself once the stress kicks in.  And once the director’s starting fires, it takes more than a fire truck to put them out – it takes (hey sorry if you see this one coming) a food truck.  Consider booking Plant Food For People for the director who keeps his own body as pure as his art.  A collection of jackfruit tacos and tostadas are all on hand to fill him up right and get his head back in the game – alongside anyone else who’s been in the path of destruction.  It’s a healthy, holistic way to get your set right back on track.  And all you have to do is book it.  Wait, maybe producing really is an easy gig after all.