Lease a Food Truck (and Make Actual Money Doing It)

These days, a food truck is simply smart business. From first-time entrepreneurs – to restaurant owners looking to go mobile – to established trucks eyeing expansion, it’s a great time to get behind the wheel.

In this article, we’ll show both new AND established owners a whole new way to make your food truck dreams a reality – one that requires very little risk on your end, but all the same rewards. We’ll go into depth about how it all works, and how you can get started.

A New Lease on Life

Leasing a food truck is a great way to get the best of both worlds: all the benefits of your own mobile business, while owning nothing that could tie you down.

But typical leases don’t eliminate other risks – over the years we’ve listened to all kinds of issues and helped trucks work through them. From the generator giving out, to cities passing laws that makes it harder to food truck owners to operate, getting on the road is never as easy as it seems.

And that’s just the start. Once you have the truck, how will you make it profitable?

Roaming Hunger’s got a brand new solution to all of this, and then some. We’ve partnered up with established food truck builder Prestige to build an innovative program that’s ready to change the rules of the road.

Whether you’re a budding food truck founder looking to gain a head start on the competition, or a thriving business who wants more security, we’ve got you covered with a new lease-to-own program that limits your risk, while maximizing opportunities.

Our first-of-its-kind food truck leasing program’s arrived, and the first thing to note is that it’s more than just a leasing program.

A Part of History

While our food truck leasing program’s brand new, it comes from a rich tradition of service to help food truckers become more profitable and raise the overall visibility of the food truck industry. Five years ago, people started asking us for help to navigate the confusing and challenging process of launching a food truck and the Roaming Hunger Marketplace was born.

Conceived to provide food truckers (both current and aspirational) with the resources they need to start a food truck business, the Marketplace has become an invaluable resource for thousands of clients over the years, providing them a one-stop shop to buy, sell, or build a food truck. Click HERE to check it all out.

The leasing program is a natural extension of this mission – continuing the Marketplace’s role in providing unprecedented support to food trucks across the country.

We operate food trucks for big brands, talk to hundreds of existing food truck owners each day and to dozens of others who want to break into the industry.

Simply put, there’s no other organization in the world, let alone the nation, that understands more about what it takes for a food truck to be successful.

The Equipment

First of all, your truck chassis will be brand new. You heard right… brand-new.

Our lease program starts with a 2018 Ford Gasoline (F59) or Freightliner Diesel (MT45/MT55) chassis with zero miles.

And, yes, it will even have that new car smell.

Your kitchen will then be built from scratch atop this truck chassis by one of the most reputable and experienced builders in the industry.

With two different kitchen layouts to choose from, you can make sure your food truck matches your unique needs. One’s versatile enough for any cuisine you can dream of, while a comfort food-centric one is centered around a large grill, and four deep fryer baskets.


When completed, it will pass local permitting inspection and be fully loaded with top of the line brands and all the extras including:

– A/C: 2 units – 15,000 BTU
– Generator: 12KW commercial diesel
– Commercial hood and fan
– True T-19 refrigerator – single door
– True sandwich prep unit
– True T-19F freezer – single door
– Flat top griddle
– 2-Basket deep fryer(s)
– 4-Burner oven and range combo OR 36” Charbroiler grill
– Work tables – will fill in based on leftover space
– Standard 3-bay sink and hand wash sink (w/drain boards)
– Serving window, including screen
– Stereo receiver and external speakers
– Internal and external lighting

And, last but not least, this truck lease will help keep your team safe by exceeding even the strictest safety requirements including:

– ANSUL fire suppression system
– Onboard fire extinguisher
– Rear door for egress in case of an emergency

Absolutely No Maintenance or Repair Costs

On top of a brand new, fully loaded, Prestige-built truck, you’re getting an unheard-of, 3-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty exclusive to this lease program.

We might be crazy. There is literally no one else in the industry that will provide a 1-year warranty… let alone a 3-year warranty.

But something we’ve learned over the years is that repairs and maintenance represent substantial hidden costs that people don’t (or don’t want) to factor into their calculations when launching a truck. Learn more about the hidden costs of repairs and maintenance in our exclusive report, The Real Cost to Own a Food Truck.

Don’t lose catering and event opportunities because your truck is in the shop, or half your monthly revenue on repairs.

This warranty gives you peace of mind and allows you to spend time doing what you do best – cooking and selling great food.

Complimentary to the Chef

Roaming Hunger’s also tossing in up to $90,000 worth of added benefits at no additional cost.

Complimentary launch services include:

  • A professional truck wrap design
  • A high-quality website to match
  • Social media/PR support to build buzz before service even starts

Once your truck is on the road, you’ll get continuing services to help you grow your business for the duration of your 3-year lease, including:

  • Monthly, guaranteed catering opportunities
  • Public event listings to fill your calendar
  • A curated marketing profile on the Roaming Hunger site
  • Even help selling your truck at the end of your lease, should you choose (with all seller’s listing fees waived)

How to Qualify (And How Much It Actually Costs)

There are two distinct plans for two distinct types of folks – entrepreneurs looking to jump into the biz, and established business owners looking to expand their reach.

Roaming Hunger’s leveraged our position in the industry to negotiate competitive, up-front pricing for qualified customers – another first.

New food truck owners lease for $3500/month. To get this rate, you must be –

  • A homeowner with culinary experience
  • Hold a credit score over 700
  • Have less than $10,000 of debt

Existing business owners lease for $3800/month (but with a much lower start-up cost), and must have –

  • 2+ years in business
  • Revolving credit under $20,000
  • A credit score of at least 675

What If I Don’t Fit The Criteria?

Not everyone’s gonna qualify for the program straight out of the gate. On top of that, maybe you need a more customized experience. That’s where the Marketplace’s well-established resources come into play.

If you have customized kitchen needs not covered by the layout options, consider building your truck from scratch. Visit our Custom Build page, where you can get started designing the food truck of your dreams. We can work within a variety of budgets to ensure the finished project is the best possible bang for your buck.

If your needs are still covered by one of our two options, but you don’t qualify for a leasing plan, you’re still in luck. Contact us to explore leasing with financials customized to you, or browse the Marketplace’s full roster of food trucks for sale. One way or another, we’re here to get you on the road.

Next Steps

All in all, our program’s not the first food truck lease ever conceived, but it is the first one conceived for supporting your long-term success.

With over nine years in the business, Roaming Hunger’s not just the nation’s largest network of food trucks, but also the most knowledgable source of what it takes to prosper your first year and beyond.

To get started, check out the leasing page. Tell us about your business, get connected with our partner, Prestige, and get behind the wheel in three to six months.

In this increasingly crowded food truck landscape, a competitive edge is the most valuable asset of all, and in Roaming Hunger’s hands, it’s one that suddenly comes easily.

Check the program out for yourself . You could be one step closer to being in the drivers’ seat of your own business with a roadmap to success.