15 Must-See Food Truck Friendly Wedding Venues in Santa Barbara

When it comes to wedding settings, you can’t do much better than Santa Barbara.  A sprawling, beachside community combines panoramic, picturesque views with thriving food, wine & art communities, giving you style and substance in one sunny package.

What’s more, there’s a myriad of food truck-ready event spaces waiting to make your dream wedding more delicious than your dreams.  Below’s a list of 15 Santa Barbara wedding venues ready to make your food truck wedding a reality – along with any other kind you can plan:


  1. Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm
  1. Santa Barbara Historical Museum
  1. Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation
  1. Historic Carrillo Ballroom
  1. Carousel House
  1. Chase Palm Park Center
  1. The Cabrillo Pavilion
  1. Casa Las Palmas
  1. Mission Rose Garden
  1. Ocean View Farm
  1. MOXI – rooftop wedding venue
  1. Hammer Sky Vineyards
  1. Santa Barbara Women’s Club
  1. Elings Park
  1. El Capitan State Beach

All the above venues are ideal for a wide range of mobile dining options, taking the kitchen (and the clean-up) with them when they go.  Leaving you and your spouse with nothing but perfect views, perfect breeze and a perfect place to get married.  The rest is up to you.