How to Get More Catering Leads (in 6 easy steps)

Note: this article is for caterers on Roaming Hunger. For more information on becoming a caterer with RH, click HERE. If you already have a Roaming Hunger log-in, keep on reading!

Booking more catering may be one thing (and to find out how, click HERE), but first you’ve gotta collect leads.  For tips on how to score more leads, read below.

1.Get Verified

Get Verified on Roaming Hunger first and foremost, before anything else you do!

  • Becoming a Verified Vendor will unlock all the benefits that we have to offer your business
  • Benefits include increased visibility, more leads and unlocking the full photo gallery).
  • To get verified, simply go to “Settings” in your Vendor Dashboard and complete all the sections.  For more detailed info, click HERE.

2. Say Yes.  But Also Say No.

Respond to every lead we send your way to show you’re on top of your game.

  • Respond even if it’s a no – it’s how we know you’re still active.
  • The more leads you respond to (yes or no), the more we’ll keep sending your way
  • Our most active vendors get first pick of all the leads (if we can count on you to communicate with us, we can count on you to communicate with clients)
  • You can easily respond “Not Available” by accessing your Dashboard on Roaming Hunger:

3. Let Us Know Your Schedule

Keep Your Calendar Up to Date

  • Make sure to keep your calendar updated with events you’ve booked, days off, and most importantly – open availability.
  • We send leads to trucks that are able to take them, so double check your dates to make sure they’re accurate.

For a full walkthrough of how to update your calendar, click HERE.

4. Keep In Touch

Stay visible on Roaming Hunger so we know you’re active!

  • Make sure your profile on Roaming Hunger remains accurate and up-to-date
  • Keep in contact with your catering agent – we’re always reachable by phone during office hours to answer any and all questions, and provide assistance whenever you need it. The better we know you, the more quality leads you’ll get!

5. Boost Your Ranking

The higher you’re ranked on Roaming Hunger, the easier it will be for clients to see your business (pretty, simple, right?)

  • Top Preferred Vendors are the top 5 vendors in their city. 
  • Preferred Vendors are in the top 20%.  
  • Improving your ranking will get you placed on Roaming Hunger city map pages, top list pages, and “type” (Taco, Burgers, BBQ, etc.) pages.

For tips on how to boost your ranking (and how rankings are calculated), email

6. Build Out Your Profile

Make sure your presence on RH reflects everything that makes you special!

  • Fill out every area so we know which gigs you’ll be best for (aka, which leads we should send your way)
  • Make sure your story is well-represented. The more clients know about you, the more they’ll want to book you!
  • Let everyone know your favorite events to cook: currently you can pick 4 “Super Great For” occasions (like “weddings”/”huge events”/etc). Clients looking for exactly that will have a big reason to choose you, since they know it’s already in your wheelhouse.

Click HERE to build out your profile.