How Do I Book A Food Truck For My Office?

Food trucks have long since past being a fad, and are now a mainstay across the country, providing exciting catering options that need no kitchen to operate. If you’re looking to spice up the office lunch hour (or simply make the next office party a real celebration), booking a food truck for your office is the easiest way to do it. 

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The first question many offices have is the obvious one – how much does it cost? Well, food truck costs vary depending on region, cuisine and a variety of other factors, but average costs can easily be calculated to give you a good guide.  

In general, food trucks for office events cost around $15-$35 a person, with the price dipping below that for taco truck catering (usually around $12 a person) and dessert/ice cream truck catering (as low as $5 a person in some cases).  But per-person costs don’t tell the full story: in order to be profitable, these trucks need to charge minimums. Minimums also fluctuate, but on average, they hover around $1000 for both catered office lunch and nighttime event catering.  

Again, traditional taco trucks can dip down to $800 sometimes, while ice cream trucks can go for as low as $400 in some parts of the country. But no matter how many employees you’re feeding, expect to part with at least $1000 to feed your office.

Beyond that baseline, you can shop around for options yourself, but be aware that the more popular the food truck, the further out you’ll have to book it to get the date you want.  There’s also the prospect of finding it to begin with – you may have to scour Yelp, Facebook and Google for a while til you can build a proper list of options.

Roaming Hunger offers a convenient solution to all of this – every food truck available for your region will be listed on the site, organized by cuisine and occasion if necessary. More than that – beyond acting as a database for every food truck, we can take care of all the busywork involved in booking them. To get a quick start, check out out our Workplace Catering Page.

Just give us some quick info on your needs, and a dedicated catering manager will grab you a list of all the best food trucks for the job. Then pick the menu package you want to go with & we’ll handle all the heavy lifting from there. Most importantly, we protect every single client with our 120% Roaming Hunger Service Guarantee, along with hands-on support that will ensure everything goes off without a hitch – and if it doesn’t, can get fixed on the spot.

We’ll even call in a replacement if you chosen food truck hits any bumps in the road.  It’s a deal you won’t be able to grab anywhere else, smack dab in the middle of the best food truck resource online.  Get started right HERE.