How to Get a Food Truck

Getting a food truck can mean many different things these days – for many different kinds of people, and for many different prices. Lucky for you, we can help with each and every need. Read on below to find out how!

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1. How to get a food truck for your company

Food trucks for office events generally cost $15 a person, with taco truck catering costing approx $10 a person, and dessert/ice cream truck catering even going as low as $5 a person.  But in order to make a profit, food trucks charge minimums – minimums aren’t constant for all trucks, but traditionally land around $1000 for both catered office lunch and nighttime event catering.  

Roaming Hunger can help coordinate all of this – use its database to find all food trucks in your region, or better yet – contact us directly, and we’ll handle all your office catering needs, sending all the best options your way, then taking care of all the busywork til the event’s over.  Check out out our Catering Page to get started.

2. How to get a food truck for your wedding

For weddings, food trucks are a vital option that can save you a ton, while actually enriching your guests’ experience. The average cost for traditional wedding catering is approx. $70 per person for food and $85 per person for food and drinks together.

Food trucks, however, will cost on average $25-$45 per person.  And custom-cooked meals made right in front of your friends and family are more likely to lift spirits than  than formal, plated service.

Roaming Hunger has a dedicated weddings division that focuses exclusively on making your big day a big success.  Head right HERE to begin, and we’ll quickly gather a list of all the best food trucks available to serve you, send you their menus

3. How to get a food truck for your party

Booking a food truck for your own private party is in many ways the simplest task of all, but the same rules still apply.  Expect generally a $1000 minimum ($700-$800 for taco trucks).  But if you’re planning on having more than 50 people over, this will generally save you money in the long-run ($10-$20 per person as opposed to $30 per person for traditional catering).

Get started right HERE to check out food trucks for your party, and let us handle all the logistics for you.  We even insure your event with our 120% service guarantee.

4. How to get a food truck for your marketing activation

Just need a food truck for a promotional event?  Well we can handle that too.  RMNG, the Roaming Hunger Agency, has over a decade of experience launching both one day experiential activations and coast-to-coast tours.  Whether you need a food truck as is, or want to modify the look and menu for your event, we’re here to take care of it for you.

Head HERE to give us your details, and we’ll help get your fantasy out of your head and onto the streets.  It’s what we love to do!

5. How to get a food truck business started

If you’re looking to get a food truck of your own, you’re still in the right place, naturally.  The Roaming Hunger Marketplace is where you can rent or buy new and used food trucks, or even just modify/grab parts.  

There’s even a leasing program to help small business owners get on their feet and make a profit.  Click HERE to learn more.