Looking For a Kitchen to Rent? (Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego)

Ghost Kitchens have become the hottest trend in the food industry, and can take your big idea from theory to reality faster than it takes to click an app.  Use our directory to find a commercial kitchen to rent so you can launch your food delivery business, or expand your existing food business’ range of operations.   

commercial kitchen to prepare dishes for virtual delivery brands

We’ve started gathering ghost kitchens for rent in Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Diego. Each and every one’s equipped with everything you need to get into your customers’ hands – then into their mouths.  Just contact us to get started: 

Cloud Kitchens – Chicago, IL

Vessel – Chicago, IL

Hollister Kitchens – San Diego, CA

Colony Kitchen – West Los Angeles, CA

Cloud Kitchens – Los Angeles, CA

We will be adding more, so if you’d like us to research commercial kitchens in your area, let us know in the section below.  

To learn more about how you can use ghost kitchens to start or grow your business, we wrote a detailed guide to help you navigate this new space in food delivery. Check it out here: Guide to Ghost Kitchens (2019): All You Need to Know