COVID-19 Office Health Policies (Are These On Your List?)

1. Hand sanitizer for every desk

Hand sanitizer is cheap and plentiful, and a welcome addition to any desk.  Natural, alcohol-free versions that maintain the body’s natural defenses can be found HERE and HERE.

2. Post Proper Hygiene Guidelines

Maybe it sounds obvious, but by posting the proper hygiene procedures, you’ll be reminding everyone of what’s smart and what’s…..not, when it comes to those split second impulses that make all the difference.

3. Bring Lunch Straight to You, Securely

If you’re looking for the ultimate added security and accountability towards maintaining the health of your employees,  one solution is simple – control where the whole office’s lunch is coming from.  By bringing in a food truck, or ordering drop-off catering, you exponentially decrease your co-workers’ contact with dozens of outside lunch options (and all the paths taken to get there).  

Meals come straight to the office, custom-ordered to fit every employee’s tastes, all from one controlled kitchen.  In fact, if it’s from a food truck, it’s a kitchen subject to the most intense scrutiny dished out by the health department – with more inspections, regulations and standards than any other type of kitchen, nation-wide (and it’s a contained environment accessed by only the small team already tasked with preparing your office’s meal).

At Roaming Hunger, we have over a decade of experience matching offices with their perfect mobile chef.  We know who to trust, how to schedule and what menu options (including a ton of healthy ones) work best for teams of any size.  Just reach out to hear what we can do for your office – from food trucks to pop-ups to drop-off catering.  In our hands, it’s not just your co-workers’ health that’s valued, but their happiness too.