Food Truck Guide to Payment Protection Program Round 2

Round 2 of the Payment Protection Program has finally arrived.

Whether it’s your first time applying or you need a refresher, this guide will help you understand the process.

We’ve also provided links to a couple of lenders that can make the application process easy for you: BlueVine and Eastern Union Funding

Let’s get started.

When Is the Application Window for PPP?

Applications start: Monday, Jan. 11, 2021

Application window closes: March 31, 2021

The first two days, 1/11 & 1/12, are reserved for first time borrowers.

Can Food Trucks and Small Foodservice Businesses Apply for PPP?

The answer is yes.

In fact, this round of PPP has special provisions to help out foodservice small businesses, including food trucks and caterers.

All food trucks and other foodservice businesses can take advantage and apply before the deadline on March 31, 2021.

If you’re not sure if you should apply, you can ask an accountant who is familiar with PPP or check out the SBA website and videos in the Resources section below.

In fact, this round of PPP has special provisions specifically for you. Food businesses are able to get up to 3.5x of their monthly payroll (and other qualifying expenses), more than the 2.5x that most other businesses can get.

And it doesn’t matter how small your business is, even independent contractors and sole proprietors can apply.

Here’s more info for first and second time applicants:

How to Apply for PPP

First, you should talk to your accountant to understand how the new SBA guidance pertains to you. Just make sure the accountant is up to speed and has read the documentation from the SBA.

Second, you can continue below and apply through one of our links…

First Draw Applicants

If you didn’t get the PPP loan the first time, here’s pretty much everything you’ll need to apply.

This list comes from BlueVine, who provides a fast online application for the Paycheck Protection Program for both first time applicants and also for second draw applicants, even if you had previously received a PPP loan elsewhere. You just need to gather the following information:

→ Basic information about your small business from your tax forms

→ Your average monthly business and payroll costs

→ Proof of bills, rent payments, etc.

→ Bank statements

→ Details of all owners with more than 20% ownership in the business

→ Details of full-time employees (if any) and associated payroll costs

→ Payroll tax filings such as 941, 940, 1099, or payroll processor records

Second Draw Applicants

If you received a PPP in the first round, you’re still eligible to apply if you need certain conditions, like the following:

  • You’ve used your entire first-round PPP loan
  • You can show a 25% loss in revenue for at least one quarter. For example Q2 2020 compared to Q2 2019.

Additional conditions may apply, and various documentation is needed.

Where to Apply

Here are a few partners we’ve teamed up with that you can make the application process easy.


Info: When COVID-19 hit, BlueVine provided access to fast SBA Paycheck Protection Program loans, delivering $4.5+ billion in funds to 155,000 small businesses, saving 450,000 jobs.

Eastern Union

Info: Eastern Union Funding helped over 10,000 businesses get approved in the first round of PPP, working with a highly sophisticated lender that was one of the top 3 PPP lenders.

More Information and Resources

For more information on the specific details of the loan, we gathered some resources and videos below:

1. The SBA (Small Business Administration) is the go-to source for up to date information. Every other resource, including experts and accountants, take their guidance directly from the SBA.

If your primary language is not English, you can find information in other languages here:

2. We found this article from Gusto to be a great summary of the PPP Round 2 details:

3. This 6 minute video from Dec. 22 does a good job of the high level details:

4. This video from Jan 9 has updated details and advice from a small business owner:

5. This is probably the most complete video we found. At 45 minutes it’s an entire training, but worth it if the PPP loan will help you survive:

6. This 10 minute video from Jan. 5 actually shows you how simple it is to do some of the calculations to see if you qualify.

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