7 Super San Diego Taco Trucks (in 2022)

Are you looking for the best tacos in San Diego? Look no further!

Whether you need lunch or a great catering option, we rounded up as many San Diego taco trucks (including taco carts, trailers, and tents) as we could find, and put our favorites into the list below.

We also included a “best for” section so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

1. Taco Love Mobile Catering

According to Taco Love Mobile Catering, all you need is “love… and tacos”—which is undoubtedly true for its San Diego customers. 

Since opening in 2020, the Taco Love Mobile Catering food truck has been servicing both catering events and streetside stops with an authentic presentation of tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and other Mexican fare.

Taco Love lets you make your own creations, giving you a template from which to pick your style, protein, or vegetable filling, and sides like charro beans or black bean and pumpkin soup. 

Creating the best taco is up to you, with filling options like carnitas, salsa verde, and grilled pineapple salsa or carne asada with ranchera sauce, guacamole, and grilled onions. 

For a vegetarian option, try the calabacitas with rajas, which comes with grilled zucchini, spicy poblano peppers, gooey grilled cheese, and rich avocado crema. Go with a friend to try the street taco sampler of three mini tacos or the potato taquitos loaded with cotija cheese and salsa verde.

The Taco Love Mobile Catering food truck is based out of the Lincoln Park area, but they can also come to your home, party, or other special event for catering.

Check out the Taco Love Instagram for what you can expect when they show up to cater your party.

Best for: Catering corporate and private events and custom dishes

2. Taco Picasso

Get a taste of some of the freshest and boldest flavors of San Diego’s cuisine at Taco Picasso, based in the El Cajon area. Serving customers with gourmet SoCal tacos since 2015, the Taco Picasso food truck is the second food truck from Food Trucktopia.

If you’re a taco connoisseur, test some of the many Picasso taco options. For a fresh, classic choice, opt for the chicken taco with avocado lime sour cream, fresh pico, and cotija cheese. They also have pork and steak options for red meat fans, including a Korean BBQ steak taco with wasabi seeds and truck-made Korean BBQ sauce. 

For vegetarians, Taco Picasso created the Cactus – Nopales taco, which features grilled cactus on top of pico de gallo, avocado crema, and other fresh ingredients. Taco Picasso accepts private catering bookings, but you can see their calendar to see where they’ll be in upcoming days around El Cajon and the rest of San Diego.

Check out their Instagram to get a firsthand look at their latest stops and creations.

Best for: Vegetarian options, lunch and dinner, and catering

3. Tacos la Mezcla

If you’re looking for a dainty taco, you’re in the wrong place. Visit Tacos la Mezcla for an authentic food truck experience that will create a lasting impression of San Diego’s taco truck scene. This truck serves up crispy tacos loaded with bright and savory flavors.

Owner Francisco knows how to build delicious, original flavors into his tacos, using a combination of traditional and fusion flavors. Try a shrimp ceviche taco for a refreshing seafood taste, or go for a fusion taco like Korean asada beef or Jamaican jerk chicken. 

If you’re up early enough, try a breakfast taco loaded with scrambled eggs, griddled cheese, and hash browns. It’s topped with sour cream, avocado, tomatillo salsa, and a protein of your choice. According to their Instagram page, Tacos la Mezcla is primarily located at 2104 Cajon Boulevard in the University Heights area.

Best for: Big portions, and breakfast

4. Tacos El Rorro

Tacos El Rorro promises an authentic Mexican experience, with recipes carried by team member, Rolando, all the way from Guadalajara. 

This neighborhood food truck prides itself on wholesome, fresh ingredients, with local produce and seafood directly from the wild rather than a farm. It’s also known for its incredible customer service.

You’ll find all the hearty and classic taco options like carne asada, adobada, and grilled shrimp. Top off your order with a refreshing shrimp ceviche tostada. 

To sample more authentic foods from the state of Puebla, try other menu items like the hefty burritos or the Governador seafood option. If you check out their social media, you’ll find fusion creations like the birria ramen or nacho cheese cuetos. 

It doesn’t take much scrolling through the Tacos El Rorro Instagram page to see the delicious, creative foods or behind-the-scenes shots of their chefs grilling meats for upcoming services. 

The Tacos El Rorro food truck often visits food truck events and music festivals, but it’s otherwise based at 902 in the Chula Vista area and open until 8 p.m. most days.

Best for: Authentic Mexican cuisine

5. Beach Eats

For a truly Pacific-style taco experience, visit the Beach Eats food truck. Owner Chip McCary prides himself on sourcing organic and sustainable products from local suppliers, ensuring customers get the freshest tastes of San Diego.

With a fusion flair of SoCal and Hawaiian food, Beach Eats serves up tacos in San Diego style. Try the grilled fish taco with shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, sour cream, and Baja sauce. 

Both the vending and catering menus also include carnitas and chicken tacos. The menu is stacked with gourmet items that indicate McCary’s culinary experience and training, such as the grilled mahi-mahi or the tri-tip sandwich.

Beach Eats typically delivers its delicious menu at festivals, events, and parties, but may be occasionally found around town. Keep an eye on its social media to see where it’ll be next, or check out their website to send a catering request.

Best for: Catering

6. Casanova Fish Tacos

Casanova Fish Tacos food truck delivers an award-winning Baja taco experience. Founded in 2009, its owner, Hector Casanova, began this catering truck with the support of friends, eventually earning nominations among San Diego’s best for his memorable fish tacos.

Each piece of fish is deep-fried or grilled onsite, delivering the freshest, crispiest version of Casanova’s signature batter. Each sauce, salsa, and cream is also made daily. The result is a Baja fish taco with buttery and flavorful fillings. 

Once you’ve tried the signature Baja taco, try their other unique creations like the grilled red curry taco with grilled fish, curry coconut flakes, Sriracha aioli, cabbage, Thai glaze, and cilantro. 

In addition to a variety of innovative taco options, the menu also includes Baja-style shrimp ceviche and green shrimp aguachiles. There’s also gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian options for customers with food allergies.

The Casanova Fish Tacos food truck services and caters to areas all over San Diego, such as Pacific Beach, Del Mar, and Helix. Breweries around town often feature their taco pop-ups, and they have a “driveway series” where they set up a taco stand outside homes and serve tacos to the whole neighborhood.

Check their social media to see which food or music festival they’ll be at next.

Best for: Gluten-free fare and vegetarian options

7. Salt + Lime

Salt + Lime is a trendy Baja-style food truck that delivers its authentic and modern cuisine to the San Diego community. Since founding Salt + Lime in 2020, founder, Alan Efter, takes pride in competing for the spot as the best Baja-style cuisine in San Diego by using “masterful techniques” and “unique sauces.”

With the goal of making you smile and coming back to your favorite local food trucks, Salt + Lime offers a creative menu. Try a menu favorite like the Quesitaco, which delivers marinated, juicy steak wrapped in chicharrón de queso and topped with chipotle sauce, avocado, and pickled onions. 

For a seafood favorite, the Taco Mi-Rey serves up grilled shrimp paired with bacon that’s topped with chicharrón de queso, cabbage, pickled onions, and chipotle sauce.

Since it’s a Baja-style food truck, you can’t miss out on the refreshing Baja fish taco with grilled fish, cabbage, pico de gallo, and white sauce.

For dessert, nothing seems more natural than yet another taco. Enter the Nutella Taco dessert, with crispy rolled tacos, stacked and layered with Nutella, then topped with powdered sugar.

Salt + Lime doesn’t just offer tacos, though. The menu also boasts surf and turf burritos, quesadillas, or build-your-own burrito bowls, with veggie sides like the fresh cactus salad and savory corn in a cup.

You’ll find this modern food truck usually in the North Park area every day except Sunday and Monday, perfect for when you want to grab and go with your tacos. Salt + Lime also has catering and private event options for when you need Baja tacos at your special events.

Keep an eye on the truck’s Instagram for all the latest news on locations, events, and new menu items.

Best for: Grab and go, and catering

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