27 Top Taco Trucks in Los Angeles (for 2022)

Tacos are nothing short of phenomenal little pockets of tastiness. Los Angeles can’t thank Mexico enough for sending these endlessly delicious, tortilla-encased, portable morsels to our streets. 

While other states might have something to say about it, California lays claim to being the taco capital of the United States. The taco-apital, some might say. And one of the best things about tacos is their versatility. There’s practically nothing that doesn’t become infinitely more delicious when wrapped in a feather-light tortilla and finished with a mouthwatering sauce.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of traditional tacos or yearn for weird and wonderful concoctions, you can find the Los Angeles taco truck of your dreams here.

Below are some of our favorite taco trucks, trailers, carts, pop-ups, and caterers. In no particular order, we put together a list that can satisfy you no matter what the craving or occasion (as long as you want tacos).

1. G’s Taco Spot on Wheels

G's Taco Spot on Wheels offered a flavorsome Mexican food in the street of Los Angeles

G’s Taco Spot on Wheels is a gourmet taco pop-up providing the good people of Los Angeles with flavorsome Mexican food, including some of the tastiest tacos in Wilmington. You’ll find classics like carne asada, al pastor, and good ol’ chicken tacos alongside more experimental dishes such as the Pescatarian and Chicken Affair tacos.

If you’re not feeling like tacos for lunch (are you okay?), there are quesadillas, burrito bowls and the Wet & Wild burrito drenched in nacho cheese and sour cream. The best thing is that you can count on finding these guys in the same spot, but they also offer catering for events of any size.

Find out more about what G’s Taco Spot on Wheels has on the menu for your next event.

Best for: Catering events of all sizes and types

2. La Fiesta Mexican Cuisine

This taco truck of La Fiesta Mexican Cuisine serves traditional tacos in LA

Whether you’re craving traditional tacos and the best burritos or you’re ready to expand your palate with something new, La Fiesta Mexican Cuisine in Los Angeles is here to help. It’s known for its catering expertise, authentic cuisine, and mouth-watering flavors

Try the Mexiphilly that’s a fusion of tacos and cheesesteak, or go for the veggie burrito if you want something for your vegetarian friends. La Fiesta Mexican Cuisine is available to cater events all over L.A. 

Best for: Large event catering

3. The Taco Cartel

This black trailer truck of The Taco Cartel can be found in the streets of Los Angeles and offers daily specials

Don’t worry, The Taco Cartel makes tacos, not war. But you might want to wage war on anyone who tries to get between you and the delightful treats from this authentic yet creative food truck. Always based in Rosemead (unless you book them for catering, in which case they’ll come to you), there’s so much more to dig into than their notorious los narcos tacos. 

The best thing about them is their ever-changing daily specials. However, the team also makes mind-blowing AK-47 fries, a range of quesadillas, and a traditional Mexican torta. There are also awesome Mexican desserts such as bunuelo chips, el senor de los churros and even hot Cheetos corn on the cob. Yes, you read that right, but you have to taste it to really believe it. 

Best for: Catering, frequent new menu options

4. Oaxaca on Wheels

This truck by Oaxaca on Wheels roams around the Los Angeles every day to offer a classic Southern Mexican menu

Anyone living in L.A. who has spent time in the culture capital of Mexico should be delighted to hear that Oaxaca on Wheels is roving around a neighborhood near them. They’re open 7 days per week and serve up lunch and dinner in addition to catering for events and special occasions. The menu is best for those seeking classic Southern Mexican fare.

Sample the unique combination of two Oaxacan staples, mole and tacos, or keep it classic with carnitas, veggies, or shrimp. Stray away from the taco and get your hands on the Zapotecan burrito, chicken or avo quesadilla, and wash it all down with nachos or fries. 

Get upcoming locations @oaxacaonwheels.

Best for: Special event catering, everyday eats

5. Border Grill Truck

This black truck by Border Grill Truck serves creative recipes in Los Angeles

From celebrity chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, Border Grill Truck is a majestic gourmet food truck. The owners believe in using responsibly sourced produce while creating impactful dishes that deliver big time on flavor.

Delight your palate with creative recipes such as the sweet potato black bean taco, spicy buttermilk fried chicken taco and wild mushroom taco. Sides include esquites, tamales, kale caesar salad, and fries with garlic and cilantro. This taco truck is best for reliability because they’re always on the same spot on Union Bank Plaza, and you’ll be pleased to know they’re open all day

Head over to Instagram if you’re interested in learning more about Border Grill Truck.

Best for: Unique menu items, all-day eats

6. Kogi BBQ

This Korean fusion food truck of Kogi BBQ parked in the street of Los Angeles caters their customers

Let’s face it, between K-pop and Kim’s Convenience, Korea is super trendy. But that’s not the only reason Los Angeles locals love Kogi BBQ. This Korean fusion food truck launched the gourmet food truck movement in Los Angeles, showing customers and other chefs alike the viability of food truck catering. Kogi BBQ has been doing the rounds since 2008, and it all started with a humble Korean short rib taco in Hollywood.

These days, you might find one of its 4  trucks in South Bay, the Valley, or feeding hungry festival-goers. Best for catering parties of all sizes, they also offer pickup and delivery. The menu has expanded, too, with tantalizing options such as calamari tacos, wet burritos, kimchi quesadillas, and the tres leches cake.

Find out everything you need to know about Kogi BBQ at @kogibbq.

Best for: Gourmet food truck, catering

7. The Lime Truck

The Lime Truck offers tacos with high-quality ingredients from scratch in Los Angeles

Chefs prepare every dish at The Lime Truck with high-quality ingredients from scratch, with a large sprinkle of passion, and these guys even won Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race, not once, but twice.

Established in 2010, this is pure Cali-Mexican cuisine at its finest. Best for sustainability stalwarts, there are vegan-friendly options, and the meat and fish are ethically sourced by proud chef patron Daniel Chemtob.

Specializing in catering and boasting quirky taco flavors such as sweet and spicy steak, spicy ahi, and crispy potato, The Lime Truck has one of the best menus in town. 

Send The Lime Truck a DM or learn more at @thelimetruck.

Best for: Ethically sourced ingredients, vegan-friendly, catering

8. The Tropic Truck

This tropical designed truck parked along the street in Los Angeles is owned by The Tropic Truck

Whether you’re a taco connoisseur or an adventurous newcomer, step outside of the ordinary and into The Tropic Truck. The unique fusion of Florida-style Caribbean cuisine and Central American classics manifests in fillings like jerk chicken and lime-tarragon lobster. The husband and wife duo’s ethos centers around creating healthy, fresh food that’s as delicious as possible.  

You can find their 2 Los Angeles taco trucks roaming throughout the city, but they’re best known for catering large scale or corporate events. Popular locations include Burbank and Culver City, and they’ve fed hungry customers in places such as the Long Beach Grand Prix and the Los Angeles Convention Center.   

Get a preview of The Tropic Truck’s amazing tacos at @thetropictruck.

Best for: Caribbean fusion cuisine, fresh food options

9. Sabor A Malibu

Sabor A Malibu serves burrito, tacos and keto options in Los Angeles

There’s only one way to cope with your place of work tragically burning down: Set up your own business. That’s exactly what the masterminds behind this much-loved Malibu taco trailer did, and L.A. is better off as a result. You can find Sabor A Malibu in the same spot on the Pacific Coast Highway, and they’re open from morning until afternoon.

Whether you need a breakfast burrito or a portion of their delectable range of tacos for lunch, you’ll find something to satisfy your appetite. Even keto enthusiasts can find a full meal that satisfies without breaking protocol.    

Check out everything Sabor A Malibu has to offer and get info on current open times on the truck’s Facebook page.

Best for: Breakfast, keto options, catering

10. Baja Sonora

Baja Sonora setup this table at their Long Beach restaurant for their custom taco options where the guests make their tacos

The partnership behind Baja Sonora, Mary Sophiea and her partner, Mike Mendelsohn, has been making tacos at their Long Beach restaurant since 1998. Lucky patrons can choose between soft and hard shells, and there’s an option for a custom taco bar where guests build their own tacos. Other popular dishes include the big Baja burrito, Mexican Caesar salad, and quesados. This option is best for when you want to serve a crowd, as it offers full service catering, bringing its mouthwatering tacos to you.

Get the latest news on Baja Sonora at @BajaSonora.

Best for: Full-service catering, custom taco options

11. The F Truck

This image is the logo of The F Truck, which offers traditional Mexican cuisine with spicy noodles

The F Truck combines traditional Mexican cuisine with spicy noodles. Head to this food truck or book these guys for your event and take your taste buds on a trip around the world. 

Located near Long Beach, they’ve got every combo you could dream of, from sweet pork belly, seasonal veggies, and classic asada tacos to spicy noodles, garlic noodles, and burritos stuffed to the brim. Spice up your workday by heading here for lunch (rumor has it this is what they do best) or treat your employees and book them to celebrate a special occasion.

Best for: Tacos + noodles, special event catering

12. Savage Tacos Truck

This image is the logo of the Savage Tacos Truck, which offers gluten-free and vegan options

Another hotspot for taco lovers is the Savage Tacos Truck. Not savage in the traditional sense, but definitely prepare for an assault on your senses. These guys know how to pack a punch of flavor into their exquisite tacos, with flavors hailing from Jamaica, Korea, and, of course, Mexico. 

One of the best things about this Long Beach taco cart is its accommodation of dietary requirements. Whether you’re gluten-free or vegan or have any other dietary requirement, they’ll throw something together to seduce you. It’s great for lunch and even helps feed the homeless with its Savage Monday program.

Have a scroll through the Savage Tacos Truck Facebook page to find out more.  

Best for: Gluten-free and vegan options, quick lunch

13. El Chato Taco Truck

This bright El Chato Taco Truck offers to fulfill late-night cravings with authentic fillings in Los Angeles

Head down to El Chato Taco Truck if you’re looking for something to fulfill your late-night cravings for tacos. Best for late-night snacks, it lets you get your fix of tacos, quesadillas, and burritos throughout the evening. With authentic fillings like al pastor, chorizo, and carne asada, you’ll quickly learn why the prestigious L.A. Weekly voted them as the No. 2 taco truck in Los Angeles.

Located on the southwest corner of Olympic and La Brea, adventurous eaters can sample lengua (tongue) or tripa (tripe), both of which are popular in Mexico.  

Head over to Facebook for El Chato Taco Truck’s open times.

Best for: Out-of-the-box menu items, late-night hours

14.  Jalisco’s Mobile Taco Grill

This taco pop-up cart of Jalisco's Mobile Taco Grill offers a range of taco options and great for events

Providing catering to the whole of SoCal, including all the way to Victorville and Barstow, Jalisco’s Mobile Taco Grill is a master of the humble taco, and fans of this taco stand salute its dedication. This taco pop-up and cart is best for events. It’ll set up at your home, wedding venue, company party, sporting event, and everywhere in between. 

Choose from classic street tacos, tamales, or quesadillas as the main event, with a range of starters, sides, and desserts to accompany them. You’re sure to love the slow-cooked carne asada, pollo asado, and al pastor fillings.

Jalisco’s Mobile Taco Grill is on Facebook.

Best for: Event catering

15. Danny’s Tacos

This white trailer truck of Danny's Taco offers Mexican food and is best for a late-night fix

If you’re a fan of tacos, Danny is someone you’ve got to meet, or at least, you need to get down to Danny’s Tacos. In business since 2008, it’s been in the taco pop-up game for longer than many, serving the folks of Grand Avenue some serious Mexican food. 

Open 7 nights a week and best for a late-night fix, it lets you choose from a full range of authentic fillings. With pastor, carnitas, tripe, shrimp, cabeza, tongue, and more to choose from, you’re spoiled for choice. Add tortas, asada fries, quesadillas, hot dogs, and sopes to the mix, and you’ll want to return again and again.  

Discover Danny’s Tacos’ open hours on the truck’s website.

Best for: After dark tacos

16. Tacos El Bigotudo

This sparkling trailer truck of Tacos El Bigotudo serves authentic Mexican food in Los Angeles

Stationed in the Hollywood Hills but regularly found moving throughout Los Angeles to feed hungry mouths, Tacos El Bigotudo serves up authentic Mexican food—authentic Mexican with a hint of Persian, that is. 

In addition to fish and veggie tacos, you’ll find chicken kabobs, falafel, and pizza. Best for dinner, they also have a range of traditional Mexican sodas and churros with caramel and chocolate.

Learn more about Tacos El Bigotudo @tacoselbigotudo.

Best for: Persian fusion cuisine, catering

17. Pink Taco

This artistic truck by Pink Taco serves their signature pink taco made with chicken in Los Angeles

This isn’t just any taco truck in L.A., this is a taco truck with a name, and that name is L.A. Woman. From the masterminds at Pink Taco, she’s fierce, feisty, well-equipped to cater your private party, corporate lunch, or any other event, large or small. There’s brisket, Baja shrimp, sweet potato, carnitas, carne asada, and the signature pink taco made with chicken.

With traditional Mexican drinks including aguas frescas and elusive bottles of Mexican Coke and  Sprite, you’ll find yourself transported to a Mexican beach as you munch and sip away. While you can get a taste of Pink Taco from morning til midnight 7 days a week at its brick-and-mortar, it’s on our list as one of the best for mobile catering and events. 

Find out more about Pink Taco’s menu on Facebook or scroll through @pinktaco

Best for: Themed events, mobile catering

18. Pho King Awesome

This graphical truck of Pho King Awesome serves its own brand of tacos in Los Angeles

Believe it or not, Pho King Awesome’s name is far from the best thing about this unassuming-looking food truck. Featured in the L.A. Times, it’s got a reputation as one of the best places for fusion cuisine in Los Angeles, and it serves up its own brand of tacos.

The cuisine is Cambodian meets Taiwanese, and spicy Asian tacos serve as mere side dishes to mains that include Asian Cajun chicken bowls, Chinese sausage with fried rice, and the signature dish of pho king noodles. You can find the popular taco stand usually parked in the South Bay.

Head over to Pho King Awesome’s Facebook page to see why people love it so.

Best for: Asian fusion cuisine

19. Rocky’s Tacos

This image is the logo of Rocky's Tacos, that serves the best taco fix for breakfast

Get your early morning taco fix from Rocky’s Tacos, and you’ll never look back. With steak, pork, chicken, and sausage to choose from, you can load up on protein for breakfast and feel powerful for the rest of the day. For those craving something more traditional, sample the elotes or spicy huevos rancheros. 

For lunch, there are chicken and steak fajitas, taquitos, sopes, burritos, or simple plates of grilled chicken breast. It’s open from 6 a.m. until 2:30 p.m., Monday to Sunday, and locals say Rocky’s is best for breakfast. The team can also cater for your next event. 

Take a look at Rocky’s Tacos Facebook page.

Best for: Catering, breakfast

20. Tacos Gallo Loco

Tacos Gallo Loco stylish truck stationed on this street in Los Angeles serves their customer

Tacos Gallo Loco is something of an institution, with not just one, but a whole army of Los Angeles taco trucks and a couple of restaurants. The truck is best known for catering, but you can find the truck in Norwalk and Whittler for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a late night snack.

These hard-working taqueros are soldiering away from 6 a.m. until 3 a.m. 7 days a week, so you can count on them to fill your belly no matter what time it is. The menu is simple and authentic, including asada torta, al pastor tacos, tripa tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. 

If you’re craving more information, take a look at Tacos Gallo Loco’s Facebook

Best for: Late-night options, event catering

21. Tacos Tu Madre

The colorful logo of Tacos Tu Madre. they serve experimental delights in Los Angeles

If you want to try something different, check out Tacos Tu Madre. In contrast to its name, you won’t necessarily head here to eat the type of tacos Mexican mothers might put together (although you can get carnitas if you have the hankering).

This Westwood institution is renowned for serving up experimental delights like the Korean BBQ taco and chicken katsu. While it’s best for patio dining, take out is also available alongside delivery. You can even get your event catered by these creative taco magicians. While Tacos Tu Madre now has 4 brick-and-mortar locations, it’s still on our list because of its mobile catering options.

Head to @tacostumadre for Tacos Tu Madre’s pictures and info.

Best for: Experimental dishes, fusion cuisine, mobile catering

22. Tacos El Goloso

Just outside Los Angeles in Torrance, you can find the family-owned taco tent Tacos El Goloso. People love it for its loaded tacos dorados, which are fried to perfection, glisten with birria and manage to maintain their integrity no matter how much dunking they endure. 

In addition to perfectly balanced birria-drenched tacos, you can head to this friendly spot for hot dogs, quesadillas, and Mexican hamburgers. Locals and visitors alike say it’s best to head here for a filling dinner.

Find Tacos El Goloso showing off its wares on Facebook

Best for: Catering, authentic cuisine

23. The Surfer Taco

This blue trailer truck of The Surfer Taco offers fresh Mexican food in Los Angeles

Taco enthusiasts looking for real fresh Mexican food in Los Angeles can seek out The Surfer Taco as it moseys along through the neighborhood. Best for sheer taco variety, there’s tofu, lobster, fish, shrimp, and meat options for tacos alone—and plenty more options besides.

It’s been around for more than 12 years, takes orders by phone, and offers a catering service. Whether you’re going for lunch or dinner, leave yourself plenty of time to get ahead of the inevitable queues. 

Learn more about The Surfer Taco on Facebook.

Best for: Seafood and fish tacos

24. Sabores de Mexico

This orange truck of Sabores de Mexico serves authentic Mexican cuisine in LA

Sabores de Mexico is one of the premier taco truck catering companies in LA, and for good reason. Here, you’ll find plenty of authentic Mexican cuisine, such as tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. But there are a plethora of options for those who want something a little more unique. 

Enjoy fish ceviche cups and salmon fillets to get your seafood fix, or try the beets and goat cheese salad or Caesar salad for a fresh lunch. This truck has plenty to offer to get your morning started right too, with everything from egg white omelettes to breakfast bowls on the menu.

Follow @sabores_truck for upcoming locations and more information.

Best for: Catering, seafood options, breakfast menu

25. EL CHEF Taco Services

This truck by EL CHEF Taco Services brought Tex Mex classics to Los Angeles and serves handmade on-site foods

Los Angeles residents rejoice that EL CHEF Taco Services is so close by, bringing Tex Mex classics to welcoming L.A. folks. Best for events, the tacos and paninis crafted by chef Jose Santos and his team are more fine dining than food truck. You can also find them at farmers markets in and around L.A., including North Hollywood and Malibu Beach.

All food is hand made on site, and the staff are always going the extra mile to make your event special. Menu items are split into 2 main categories: paninis and Mexican food. Tacos include Tex Mex fish and beef birria, and panini fillings include chicken pesto and basil, Texas steak, and tropical Hawaiian.

Check out more of their amazing food on Facebook.

Best for: Catering, Tex-Mex

26.  The Shrimp & Taco Stop

The Shrimp & Taco Stop serves shrimp and tacos duo can be found in Woodland Hills in Los Angeles

When you’re in Los Angeles, shrimp and tacos go together like sun and sand, Mickey and Minnie, or Hollywood and IG followers. 

The Shrimp & Taco Stop is a celebration of this hallowed duo, but there’s a whole lot more than this magical combo. While Baja fish is the star of the show, you can also dig into ceviche, fries, and quesadillas, and wash them all down with classic sodas like Mexican Coke and Sidral. 

Founded in 2014 and open morning until night, The Shrimp & Taco Stop is best for breakfast. Visit them in Woodland Hills or hire them to cater for your event or party. 

Check out The Shrimp & Taco Stop’s feed at @shrimpandtacostopofficial

Best for: Shrimp and seafood tacos (obviously)

27. Marisco Jalisco

Specializing in fish tacos and seafood cuisine, Marisco Jalisco has 4 locations where you can satisfy your cravings from breakfast ‘til dinner. Its signature dishes include the crispy shrimp taco, which has plenty of crunch in every bite topped with avocado for a creamy contrast, and the Poseidon, which is a tostada topped with shrimp, octopus, and plenty of extras.

Get updates on new menu items, specials, and upcoming locations @mariscojalisco.

Best for: Shrimp tacos, seafood options, catering

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