The Best Food Truck Cities in America (2022 Report)

Roaming Hunger and Clever name the Best Food Truck Cities in America

For National Food Truck Day, we partnered with Clever Real Estate to create their Best Food Truck Cities in America report.

Portland, OR, was named the top food truck city in America, according to new data that analyzed the top 50 metro areas in the US.

The study found the best and worst food truck cities in America, highlighting which cities are best to celebrate the 7th annual National Food Truck Day on Friday, June 24.

The Best 15 Food Truck Cities in America

The report named these cities as the top 15 for food truck connoisseurs and vendors:

  1. Portland, OR
  2. Raleigh, NC
  3. Salt Lake City, UT
  4. Austin, TX
  5. Orlando, FL
  6. Denver, CO
  7. Oklahoma City, OK
  8. Providence, RI
  9. San Jose, CA
  10. Tampa, FL
  11. San Antonio, TX
  12. Seattle, WA
  13. San Francisco, CA
  14. Phoenix, AZ
  15. Las Vegas, NV

The data measured six different metrics in the 50 most populated metros to compile the rankings:

The number of food trucks per 100,000 residents, “friendliness” rankings from 1-5 (i.e., how easy it is to open and run a food truck), walkability score, restaurant supply stores per 100,000 residents, Google Trends scores for three food truck terms, and sales tax rate.

Los Angeles has the most food trucks with 715, while Virginia Beach has the fewest with 28.

The top 15 cities have an average of nine food trucks per 100,000 residents. — that’s a 43% difference compared to the average city in our study, which has an average of six food trucks per 100,000 residents.

Raleigh has the most food trucks per capita, averaging 17 food trucks per 100,000 people, and people in Austin search the most on Google for food trucks, particularly “food trucks near me.”

There are the fewest restrictions for launching a food truck business in Salt Lake City, and Portland has the lowest sales tax at 0%.

The Worst Food Truck Cities in America

Not every city has a good food truck scene, though. These 10 cities rank as the worst for food truck lovers and entrepreneurs:

  1. Virginia Beach, VA
  2. Chicago, IL
  3. Detroit, MI
  4. Dallas, TX
  5. Riverside, CA
  6. Cincinnati, OH
  7. Birmingham, AL
  8. Boston, MA
  9. New York City, NY
  10. Nashville, TN

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