Grill Em All

The Grill Em All Truck has become a phenomenon in and of itself. After winning The Great Food Truck Race, it seems they have been on a non-stop victory lap, commanding long lines and serving burgers coast to coast.

Their truck has seen vast countrysides and major cities, and it tells many tales. Almost like a rock band on tour, Chef Ryan and the dudes are cooking up burgers for the fans….. and yes the burgers are tasty as ever. No sellouts here.

Don’t let the loud music and even louder graphics fool you, their food is gourmet and excellent. We mowed down a Blue Cheer with frites. Epic.

Check out the pics for an inside look at a very busy lunch on the truck. If you see a long line, don’t walk, it’s worth the wait. To find where the dudes are cruising next, click here.