LA Community Manager Internship

Roaming Hunger Community Manager

Are you a foodie or a friend of a foodie who fits the following profile:
–       killer writing skills  (you also like to take pictures of your meals before you chow down)

–       marketing maniac

–       passionate about the street food movement and eating lots of delicious food

–       digital and social media savvy

If this is you, you’re the perfect fit to be our Roaming Hunger community manager. We want you to create and build the buzz in LA for one of the hottest food media companies. This opportunity is a great way to pump up your resume with experience in food journalism, social media outreach, experiential campaign strategy, plus food truck community relations.

Responsibilities include:
– eat and write about food truck gatherings and events
-distribute promotional items at concerts, festivals and events
– create relationships and communicate with other like minded foodies
– build epic campaigns and buzz online through Facebook, Twitter etc.
– potential to manage a highly involved street team
– hours are flexible, but a minimum commitment of 10-15 hrs/wk is required. Most work can be completed remotely, but weekly check-ins will also be required.

What’s in it for you:
· working at a fast paced start up that’s aggressively redefining how people eat.
· good people. We like to work with people we can grab a taco with.
· a course in ‘street food’ smarts.. a fun learning experience
· recommendations and networking opportunities.
· some bribery in the form of street food eats.
· potential to move up on our fast growing team.

Help us hype up our presence in LA and forward this to friend.  He or she could be our newest LA Brand Ambassador.

Drop us a line at hungry (at)