Manifeast Destiny: The Westward Expansion

 The Wild West adds yet another cornerstone to its foundation of street food.

As the Mecca of food trucks, Los Angeles has led the American Street Food Movement from the start, influencing its neighboring southwest cities along the way. The newest satellite city, Tuscon, has begun breeding regular truck roundups, the most recent of which was on Monday. Check out the Food Truck Roundup for more info.

Among the newest food trucks in Tuscon are:

Bubba-QueCyclopsicleDragoon Café, Fork and Knife, Jamie’s Bitchen Kitchen, MaFooCo, Ni Hao Amigos, Pin Up Pastries, Planet of the Crepes, Seis Curbside, Trucking Good Cupcakes, Street Delights, and Vero Amore Pizza.

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