America’s Coolest Haus

Our coolest food truck of the week hits home in 4 American cities.

The Empire State Building, Monicello, The Lincoln Memorial, Golden Gate Bridge: Some of America’s most beloved and recognizable pieces of architecture.  Our nation’s newest structural masterpiece does not house businesses or honor past presidents, but satisfies a sweet tooth.  Everyday, hundreds of foodies draw up cookie and ice cream blueprints for Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches. These guys have trucks in LA, New York, Austin, and Miami, so we spoke with the architects directly to get inside the mind of Coolhaus:

RH: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you inside a food truck?

Haus: I had a guy try to trade me a chicken nugget for a sammie because I “look like I blaze.” He just set it down on the counter in front of me in front of a 10min line.

RH: What is your favorite “food trade” with another truck?:

Haus: Border Grill – Avocado Tacos or Potato Rajas Tacos w/ Rice + Black Beans

RH: What part of food trucking did you think would be popular that ended up not being so?

Haus: Sometimes you roll up to a festival stocked for the apocalypse and about 5 people end up being there. Pacific Festival anyone?

RH: Where is the street food culture heading?

Haus: I think the street food culture is amazing, and will continue to rise for a long time. I’d like to be able to walk out of my house and see a lunch truck down the street every day! Or a bunch of them!

RH: What on your menu MUST I try?

Haus: Balsamic Fig mascarpone ice cream with double chocolate cookies, Chocolate Chip cookies with Brown Butter + Candied Bacon Ice Cream or Nutella Toasted Almond Hot Cocoa.

Follow the Coolhaus trucks at Los Angles, New York, Austin, Miami