Super Food Trucks Support Super Bowl

Indianapolis’ food truck movement conveniently coincides with Super Bowl.

From ziplining 100 feet in the air down several city blocks to cruising down the heated streets, Indianapolis has ensured comfort and entertainment for its visitors from all over the county. Super Bowl XLVI is the Circle City’s largest event ever, with many of the 200,000+ visitors dining from gourmet food trucks.

Rather than blowing $300+  for a single table (many local restaurants’ minimum during Super Bowl week) visitors have ventured out to the curb. Fun, delicious, and far less expensive, food trucks began hanging out at Monument Circle last week. Starting up again on Thursday, the Circle will feature the following meals on wheels:


Edwards Dashboard Diner

Marbles Cafe

Duos Mobile Kitchen

Scouts Treats 

Safari Kitchen

Circle City Coffee Company

Mac Genie

Ivey Spice

Gypsy Cafe

Taco Lassi

Little Eataly


Der Pretzel Wagon

Tacos Without Borders

The NY Slice

West Coast Tacos

Circle City Spuds

Rollin Wit Da Roux

Sweet Jeanius


Chef Dan’s Southern Comfort

Floribbean Flair

Neighborhood Pizza

See what the trucks are selling: Hungry Football Fans

Keep up with the trucks at: Indy