The Accidental Food Truckist

We spoke with Joni, The Accidental Yogist, who gave us the lowdown on her adventures in the LA Food Truck Scene.

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Roaming Hunger: How many trucks have you eaten from in LA?

Joni: 54 plus various other roach coaches. Two of which are actually trailers, Derb’s and Let’s Be Frank.

Roaming Hunger: Wow, what got you started on this mission?

Joni: I heard about Kogi and frequented their truck, waiting in 45 minute+ lines. I then heard about other trucks and realized I could avoid the wait.

Roaming Hunger: What trucks have you been known to frequent lately?

Joni: I’m into the vietnamese trucks right now, especially Eat Phamish and Nom Nom Truck.

Roaming Hunger: Any other food preferences?

Joni: I’m a pescatarian and recently I’m sick of tortillas, so I’ve been visiting the Gastrobus, Lomo Arigato, India Jones and Don Chow (for the chow fun.)

Roaming Hunger: Why do you like food trucks? What’s the main appeal?

Joni: I’ll eat wherever food is good and affordable. I also like to ride my bike to get my meals.

We commend Joni for her dedication and support to the street food movement— 54 trucks is no small task.

You can follow Joni on Twitter @ayogist.

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