Final Day to Support Better Food Truck Regulations is Thursday

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DC’s Favorite Food Trucks Head to Farragut, Franklin Squares for Support


WASHINGTON, DC – The final day to voice support for Mayor Vincent Gray’s proposed new food truck rules – which would eliminate the threat of police shutting down a food truck if it is without a line of waiting customers – is Thursday, March 1.


Members of the Washington, DC Food Trucks Association (DCFTA) will be serving lunch at Farragut and Franklin Squares on Thursday to let followers and fans know about the deadline and how they can voice their support for better food truck rules.


Thursday is the final day of the public comment period for the Mayor Gray’s proposed new food truck rules. Letters of support can be submitted through or directly to


Overall, the proposed rules issued by the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs are a significant improvement over the current regulations. However, the proposed regulations also have rules that threaten these new and innovative small businesses:


  • Limiting Sweets Trucks to 10 Minutes: The proposed regulations allow dessert trucks to be open for only 10 minutes if there are no waiting customers. Sweets food trucks should be allowed to be open as long as savory food trucks.


  • Zoning of Food Trucks: The new regulations propose to create Vending Development Zones. The goals of these zones are worthy. However, Vending Development Zones must not be manipulated by special interest to create “Food Truck-Free Zones” that eliminate consumer choice or fair competition.


  • Shorter Hours for Food Trucks Than for Restaurants: The proposed regulations require food trucks to close at 10 pm on weekdays and 1 am on weekends. Food trucks should be allowed to be open the same hours as restaurants.



About the Washington, DC Food Trucks Association, Inc.


The DCFTA is a collaborative group of food truck owner-operators. We seek to elevate and sustain the wellbeing of food trucks, foster a sense of community and work in partnership with the District to revise food truck regulations.

Members of the DCFTA are engaged community members who deeply care about the District and believe in working together to make a positive impact on the city. Many members of the DCFTA are native Washingtonians, and many employ District residents. We seek out ways to be involved in community events, and some food truck owner-operators have a policy to donate a portion of their profits to area charities.


The 35 members of the DCFTA are:


AZN Eats El Floridano Rolls on Rolls
Basil Thyme! Feelin’ Crabby Sang on Wheels
BBQ Bus Fojol Brothers Sauca
Big Cheese Halal Grill/Halal Gyro Plus Sinplicity Ice Cream
Borinquen Lunch Box Hula Girl Truck Sol 
Mexican Grill
Cajunators Kabob Bites Stix
CapMac Mojo Truck/Tapas Truck Sweetbites
Curbside Cupcakes Orange Cow TaKorean
Dangerously Delicious Pies Pleasant Pops Tasty Kabob
DC Empanadas PORC That Cheesecake Truck
DC Slices Red Hook Lobster Pound-DC Tops American Food Company
Eat Wonky Rolling Ficelle